Patrick Schick (Czech Republic): second goal, “The Icing on the Cake”

Patrick Schick (Czech Republic): second goal,

Patrick Schick (author of two goals in the Czech Republic’s victory against Scotland on Czech television): “Excellent. I was eagerly waiting for this match. I played the game almost three times in my mind, imagining different situations and the second goal was the icing on the cake. The ball rebounded, the goalkeeper was quite advanced , I took a look, I saw he was out (out of the box) so I hit. There was a series of corners (on the first goal), we put pressure and the ball kept coming from all sides. I saw that the cuff (kaufal) ) had the ball, which he was going to cross, I cut the trajectory of the ball in front of the defender and scored with the post.”

Tomas Soucek (Czech midfielder, on Czech television): “It was our first game, we knew the stakes. It was tight, I’m glad we got it so well. It’s a fairy tale to score like this (on Schick’s second goal). Other players try to score tournament goals. Might stop trying because it’s already happened.”

Jaroslav Silhavi (Czech coach on Czech TV): “It’s great and I think it’s not over. We got over the pressure early in the game and that was the key to success. Then we played more and scored before half time. Another great goal from Patrick Schick. Brilliant. Scotland put pressure and created chances, but Patrick and Michal Kremencik also had chances and could have scored (more) runs. The game was very tough. (Czech goalkeeper Tomas) Vklik was fantastic, thank you very much. We want to qualify, now we face two favorites (Croatia then England), sometimes we can only qualify with three points, but I think we need to have another one to be sure We’re going to be ready to try to win the next game.”

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