Pattern Trend Winter 2021: These 5 Prints Are Out Now—and We Wear Them Instead

Pattern Trend Winter 2021: These 5 Prints Are Out Now—and We Wear Them Instead

Samples 2021/2022: These 5 Prints Are In And We Don’t Wear These 5 Anymore

colorful muster i am Cold Make us happy right away – and offer plenty of variety in the wardrobe. When bad mood weather In front of the door, we now have a simple costume trick that can help. from plaid to zebra-print There’s a lot this season muster Which increase our serotonin levels. Of course, as always, we’ll also show you prints we wear less now. Curious? You can then go straight to the in vs out of pattern trend in winter 2021.

High seas, oh! We wear bandages in all forms this season. Be it in a nautical version on a classic Breton sweater or in soft sunset tones over casual clothing – minimal: indoors and big city hippies alike will get their money’s worth in the winter of 2021 with this pattern. Dotted prints fade over the next few months.

Wavy patterns – the so-called marble prints – now adorn our trousers, jackets, blouses & co. Be adventurous: Marble items of clothing will surely cheer you up on cold winter mornings. Is all-over print too much for you? Then go for accessories like bags, berets and scarves with trendy patterns and match them with outfits in muted tones. We say goodbye to batik prints with a heavy heart, as it seems a bit inappropriate considering the season – in summers it re-embellishes our look.

Our favorite from the Scottish Highlands will keep us warm this winter in the form of scarves, coats, skirts and shirts. Small side fact: The so-called tartan is a knitting pattern used by Scottish clans to differentiate themselves from one another. We especially love choosing patterns in pleasant earth tones, as they make every simple tone-on-tone outfit look instantly high-quality. On the other hand, we remove flower patterns from our cupboards only when plants are in bloom in front of our windows.

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Do you like the game of chess? We’ve been in chess fever since the latest “The Queen’s Gambit”—and we show it with our clothes. This pattern brings a modern update to our winter wardrobe. Caution, risk of confusion: Unlike traditional diamonds, rectangles are filled in a checkerboard pattern. We also associate this pattern trend, which stays true to the motto “more is more,” happily utterly. It’s worth noting that the rectangle on our clothes this season runs in a straight line rather than at an angle—so it’s been called a diamond print for a while, goodbye.

We have a new favorite animal! Animal prints are popularly known as evergreens—but we were particularly impressed with one candidate this winter: the zebra pattern! In combination with synthetic leather, the print is elegant and cool at the same time. We love this season’s style so much that the pattern even manages to take the classic leopard look out of its throne.


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