Pepe Koira: “If we made ‘Hiro’ a constant scene of crime stories, we would increase gum”

Pepe Koira:

It may be that the Spanish TV drama producers have a little time to figure out that they can no longer go crazy, or that they will be singing a lot of the song, given how the American series was doing in the meantime that went on to call was. , Amazingly, this transfer to the small screen of the Golden Age, Hollywood feature films audiovisual and colorful and more complex invoices. Nothing flat, upside down and racing. But in the end, they decided to stop tripping or they went to the waist. And now, to give a clear example, we can accept offers like Two seasons of Hiro (Pepe Coira, 2019-2021).

Pepe Koira: “The advent of streaming platforms has shown that a lot can be done on television”

His director of fourteen episodes is Jorge Koira, Is well aware of this issue. “I remember years ago We really dreamed of creating a more complex, more mature, more risky chain”, Admits in an interview. “There was a kind of idea that in Spain you couldn’t; This was possible in more advanced and larger cinematography with more economic power, like the United States, but not here. And suddenly it turns out that we can. This was thanks to the fact that people like Movistar came out and placed bets on him. And he is pulling the car off as others start making interesting series. And I think it’s great that a lot of people are beyond normal.

Tv is no longer a stupid box

His brother Pepe Koira assured him that, for him, Rise of streaming platforms This is what allows them to work. “i.e, Broadened the playing field for what is television fiction And it created a space that was practically impossible. This I like very much because television is an excellent medium with a kind of bad pressure, which is quite incomprehensible from my point of view. And what has been the arrival of platforms, all of a sudden, to be able to show that a lot of things can be done on television ”. It is sufficient to enter the particular atmosphere of the island that gives it its name, so that the accuracy of its words can be understood.

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Iron movestar plus pepe george coira interviewMovistar plus

George Coira: “There is something very powerful in Spain; Huge difference between some places and others, and it will be sad to always be in one place ”; Go without el heero

“One of the core elements of cinema is the ability to travel with the imagination, understood as pure images”, explains George Coira. “It is great to explore places you already know yourself, but it is very grateful to discover places you don’t know. If all American stories were all Spanish stories in New York or Los Angeles or Madrid, it would be boring. Important. There are many places, and I would say that Spain has something very powerful: vast cultural, landscape, gastronomic and all kinds of differences that exist between some places and others. So it will be sad if we always remain the same ”. Without El Hierro, go.

Narrative references to ‘Hiro’

And, if asked for his credibility in completing his work, Pepe Koira promptly responds: “There is no case where you deliberately say, ‘Ah, we’re going to do something about this.’ ” But I think it inevitably happens. And it has occurred to me suddenly, to say: “Oyster!” What does it look like… ”, something you saw and of course, you were in coconut but without realizing it. But many are [referentes], Both in cinema, television and literature. And it goes like this: “[El thriller] This is a style that we love, And there are many different and lots of tasty offers that may bother us ”.

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George Koira: “To see how a sudden write-up takes place, the actors make it their own and it becomes something new, vibrant and real”

But which one? Without hesitation: “Of course, in all the stories in which the characters count more than the plot, people who are not purely good or purely evil.” Jorge Koira, for his part, gives his opinion on the subject: “Without an exemplary thing because it would be creatively boring to try to do something like the others, there are things you love and, all of a sudden , You put your imagination and what are you trying to do in a sister space ”. Specific:”I think that Hiro, clearly preferring to be completely different from Henning Mankel’s novels, is a universe recognizable as either him or them [Andrea] Camilleri, Which have different vowels, but some are common ”.

Iron movestar plus pepe george coira interviewPepe Coira | Movistar plus

Candela Peña et Dario Grandinati Duns ‘Hiro’

In addition, he discussed with the director of photography, Jose Luis Bernal, “a film by this amazing Scottish director David McKenzie, Hell or High Water.” [Comanchería, 2016], Is an example of working in dry places ”. But “don’t try to imitate him but think it would be nice to have some relationship with him.” As the main cast of Hierro, the brilliant Candela Peña (Princesses) and Darío Grandinetti (Wild Tales). “I think there are few things more rewarding than working with great actors.», Confirms Joerg Koira. However, according to him, the two are “very different” in their interpretive dynamics.

Pepe Coira said, “We had the idea of ​​going into a universe as special as the island of El Hiro and if we made it a continuous scene of criminal stories, something would go wrong”

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“Dario comes in and performs brilliantly at first, then he starts getting tired. And Candela is a little bit out there,” he explains. “But they’re both actors and that’s good. To see how, suddenly written, rises, the actors consider it appropriate and it becomes something new, lively and real, it is fantastic. However, they will not be returning as the second season of the show is the last, and we were curious as to why it is not with the third. “I think it’s good to finish on time», Pepe Koira answers. “We had the idea of ​​going to a universe exclusively as the island of El Hiro and if we made it a continuous scene of stories of crime, then something would be wrong.”

A very wise decision

It will look like a thing, For some, has never happened to us, as an audience; tell: “Oh, they increase gum too much”“. In other words, the Koira brothers want to date Hiro at Kabot Cove in A Murder Has Been Wrote (Peter S. Fisher, Richard Levinson, and William Link, 1984–1996) and to honor Broadchurch (Chris Chibnall) (2013-2017). Otherwise, we’ll probably regret it. “You’re sorry, aren’t you?” That’s why They formed a bond with some characters and with one world and suddenly, they fail you. This seems a very wise decision to me. And you have to say, “Come on, explore more things, the world is bigger.”

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