Photo Nabila makes a radical decision for 2022

Photo Nabila makes a radical decision for 2022

On this Saturday, January 2, Nabila made a big announcement for her fans. Milne’s mother has already made a good resolution for 2022: to leave Twitter permanently. An announcement that caused a lot of backlash.

What would Twitter be without Nabila? Internet users also do not dare to imagine it. Still, it can happen faster than they think. Actually on the morning of 2 January, the former reality TV star made a big announcement. “Resolution 2022 I’m definitely leaving Twitter, He simply wrote. Has Thomas Vargara’s wife made a typo, or does she really intend to wait until next year to pull out of the social network? In any case, his message did not fail to respond. If the majority already regrets his departure, others are sure it is With a simple discussion. “I believe it means “, lie …”, Can we read under its publication. Still others were particularly dissatisfied with her, advising her not to wait and leave as soon as possible. It is also probably due to these negative comments that Milne’s mother chose to take a step back with the communication device.

Nabila’s struggle back on Twitter

Between Nabila and Twitter, It’s still a long love story. From the new generation, she was one of the first French celebrities to use social networks. It was there that he experienced some of his most publicized skirmishes with his most loyal friend Aim. in 2013, Soon after the announcement of the end of their friendship, They had violently slipped on their respective pages. More recently, it stars Lawrence Boccolini, whose former star is Anges Was the subject of a spot. Actually the host of France 2 made fun of a video made by Nabila, in which she opened a gift given to her by her partner Thomas Vegara.

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Sometimes I see myself filming whether Laughing Cow DLC is still good in the fridge! Then I started dancing myself mad with happiness A Scottish jig my toast in my hand. Because it’s 11:45 pm and they’re fine until midnight, “ Launched the former host of weak link. A comment that did not escape the main relative, which backfired: “We are not from the same generation, I have respect for the elders … each of their ages and their codes, Contempt makes you very ugly Smile rather. ” A beautiful era of skirmishes, which will end soon?


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