Plastic for sails, a jigsaw mast, a Scottish cow and the Tour de France … it’s the news of the day

Plastic for sails, a jigsaw mast, a Scottish cow and the Tour de France ... it's the news of the day

The Soybean Composite Deck works on a composite material used in ocean racing.

Within the offshore racing ecosystem of the Lorient region, Université Breiten-Süd (UBS) plays an important role as a global technology platform. [Plus d’infos…]

Yves Grohens is responsible for the overall technical platform at the Université Bretagne-Sud de Lorient. (The Telegram / Julian Boitel)

Port Louis’ centuries-old tree vandalized

This is the third time that a century-old tree planted in Patis in 2015 has been vandalised. This time there was shadow from Saturday to Sunday evening. [Plus d’infos…]

A few strokes of the saw were enough to bring down this symbolic young oak tree clinging to its guard.

News in Lorient

Scottish Cows at Carnalt Manor in Melakas

Three Scottish Highland cattle-type cows have joined the grasslands bordering the Carnault Manor mountain range. Two others were already present. [Plus d’infos…]

The very friendly Noisette, a Highland cow born in 2017, joined Cornault Park this summer.
A very sociable nose born in 2017, the Highland Cattle joined Carnault Park this summer. (The Telegram/Roland File)

Quimperley. new in

Pontivi hoteliers prepare for the arrival of the Tour de France cycling race

The 2021 Tour de France cyclist will stop in Pontavi (from Lorient) on Monday 28 June. An announcement that makes local hoteliers happy. [Plus d’infos…]

“The arrival of the tour from Blavat will be an opportunity to highlight the many properties available to the country, particularly in the area of ​​green tourism,” said Regis Chalier, Director of Pontavi Ibis Hotels. . (The Telegram / Yann Le Scornet)
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