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Police caught a man in a completely icy car – “practically zero scene”

Police caught a man in a completely icy car -

February 12, 2021 – 3:46 pm The clock

Snow car drivers are ridiculed – and displayed

Before driving, it’s only a matter of scratching the window when the car is filled with snow and ice – a clear case? Obviously not for everyone. Because a driver in Dundee, Scotland also did not want to be disturbed and took the bus off. For this he earns ridicule from the police and on social media – and received a complaint due to the dangerous action.

Scotland: The wagon looked like a huge pile of snow

The police could only shake their heads at the sight.

© ActionPressSWNS Photo

Police on Thursday stopped the driver in his vehicle, who looked more like a pile of snow than a car driving on the road, the BBC reports. Authorities said the man drove “practically with zero vision”. This is “the most frightening case of lack of preparation” they have ever seen. In fact, the photos show that the driver showed only a small stroke on the windshield.

“A miracle” that did not harm anyone

“Our officers couldn’t really believe what they were seeing,” BBC Police’s Greg Burns said. No one was harmed in the process, it is only “a miracle”. Do not understand the dangerous action to the amazement. “This man put himself and other road users and pedestrians at high risk,” Burns said.

Disastrous decision on social media

On a Facebook post by the Scottish Police, there are several damaging comments about the driver of the snow car. One user believes that “when the mind was delivered, it was probably in the last line.” “At first I thought it was a joke,” another writes. Many wonder how anyone can have a driving license.

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“Sometimes we think we’ve seen everything on our streets,” police wrote. “But there is always something that makes us shake our heads in disbelief.”

The driver was charged with dangerous driving. And hopefully next time he will take minutes to wipe the snow from the windows.

Traveling in Germany by snow covered car – which costs

Snow splash on the car

Anyone who does not clean their car of snow and ice should expect a fine.

© imago image / ibner, flag / ibner press photo via www.imago-images.de, www.imago-images.de

Even in Germany, it is not enough to simply scratch the windows of the car, so that one can see the bus. All windows must be completely clean, as well as headlights, taillights, indicators and license plates. Otherwise there is a risk of being fined. The roof also has to be cleaned with snow as it can be seen as an unsafe load. And applying the brakes, this load can move forward and block the driver’s view.

According to “Bussgeldkatalog.org”, whoever scratches only one people, pays a fine of at least ten euros. If there is still snow on the roof of the car, then 25 euros are payable. An ice-covered license plate costs five euros. And overheating the engine is also forbidden. If you do it anyway, you will be asked to pay ten euros.


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