Portrait: Gregory Aldritt (La Rochelle) Takes the Lead

Portrait: Gregory Aldritt (La Rochelle) Takes the Lead

If Gregory Aldritt is willingly silent on lending himself to media practice, he is an entirely different character in the private sphere. The growing appetite of the general public towards rugby has changed its outlook. He decided to open up more and show his true face. Meet.

From Gregory Alldritt, we know he is one of the new darlings of French rugby. That he is of Scottish descent by his father, but raised in the heart of the Gers, in the middle of nature, an area dear to him. That he is a powerful third in line with a dazzling trajectory, going from the title of champion of France Federal 1B with Ach to the Grand Slam at supersonic speeds. Let it overthrow everything that comes your way with strength and determination.

To the point of being named among the contenders for the Player of the Tournament of the last 6 nations. Everything is said, written, told. We also know that he is intelligent, reluctant to open up to the outside world through media practice. Many within her circle and among her social media followers, mock her for her lack of smile during television interviews. As if the fear of surrender was haunting. To believe that the touch of schizophrenia swirls deep within this boy, whose nature is lovable nonetheless.

To be honest, we flirt between wanting to run away from a player who is capable of violently burying an opponent, a man who hides his feelings in public and a few slices of sausage in the corner. Would like to share a drink with you. Once upon a time, to try to better understand the personality of a man who appears with a beer or a guitar in the privacy of the tricolor locker room.

“With journalists, I’m not the same”

Well, that’s good: the player from La Rochelle, the first title in his pocket in the professional world, has agreed to open. A Cause Link? to keep. It is at his home, in an old mansion planted not far from the entrance to the port of La Rochelle, that he receives. Of course this desire to be natural, to better reflect her desire for openness. The residence, at all discretion, is located in a residential area, suitable for the new strongman of the XV of France. Nothing fancy. In the front courtyard, workers are still at work, fixing the final adjustments of the front door that may have been worn out. At the rear, a swimming pool is welcomed into the small garden, overlooking a terrace where the brazier is in a good place for an evening out with friends.

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The emperor was held in training for longer than expected. When he comes, the handshake is firm, smile XXL. Like what… the topic immediately comes to the table. , When I’m with reporters, I’m not the same Greg Aldritt when I’m at rugby, at home with my friends or with my family. I really don’t like to indulge in media. My personal life, it only concerns me. But, I can clearly see in the eyes of the people that my status has changed. I am often stopped on the street to take photos, to get autographs. In La Rochelle or somewhere else…”

As an intelligent boy—even if he was not an engineer, unlike what is often said and written, he yearned for accuracy—he understood what was at stake. Most of all, when we relate to the spontaneous image we present to them, their gaze shifts. His hands cling to each other until his fingers break. He doesn’t turn, but we still stay at a good distance. , It bothers me that people can think of me, He pounces. I think the exact opposite. But it inspires me even more to show me who I am, who the real Gregory Aldritte is.” For that, make no mistake: The guy isn’t ready for everything. ,I will never change who I am, it is the result of my education, my journey. ,

a few kilos of confetti in his car

As the discussion progresses, the subject becomes more spontaneous, less reserved. In his living room where a vintage stone fireplace sits sumptuously, he sinks into a comfy chair. Her young Chartreux, Ramses, with silky brown hair comes to curl up against her. He rests. Talk about their taste for music.

In one corner of the room, his “Gibson” is displayed, right next to a wooden basket where a rugby ball and cozy plaid stand side by side for long winter evenings. He tells himself a little more every minute. , I’m a little stubborn. When I want something, I don’t stop until I get it.”, he replies when asked to portray himself. Delphine, his companion, nods. he easily describes himself the Lodger “ And also often at the core of mischievous pranks. The last ? , I enjoyed having it on the table where all the things to sign are from Bryce Dulin’s new white shoes. , Ended up with a few dozen autographs on his shoes internationally. In retaliation, he threw several pounds of confetti into his third row car. , I spent many hours sucking everything up”Laughs, Alldritt, rather calmly. And to add: I’m the first person to do this kind of thing, I have to admit to being a target sometimes. I’m not emotional, I never get angry…”

He also talks about his budding passion for wine. Involuntarily, he invites us to his basement. These bottles, he talks about them with a softness that is in stark contrast to his hardness on the ground. , In France we have great products without spending thousands more cents. Take a look », He holds this bottle of rosé, produced in Corsica, like the trophy of the 6 Nations. , It was introduced to me by Christoph Coutensau. I buy it directly from the manufacturer. He is excellent. , Christophe Coutensau in the Michelin Guide is this 3-star chef who has a restaurant within easy reach of his home. , It was he who gave me a taste of sea fishing when he took me on his boat. ,

An activity that fits well with the character of man in everyday life. For Eldritt, fishing is also putting his hands in the sand like he does in the rucks to scratch the balloons. ,What a pleasure to go to the beaches of Ile de Rey early in the morning, pick up clams or razor clams.” A simple pleasure that he shared with his companions Jules Le Bell and Pierre Poplin.

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In a large metal trunk, he also shows us his collection of jars of duck foie gras, or others imported directly from Gers. , It’s one of my childhood friends who does that.” He says he is proud of his roots. This will almost prompt the taste buds to caress the product. We point to him. He smiles…

“I never run after slander”

The pleasure of the table, that is his thing. he likes to cook. This did the trick with him in his early days. When he reached La Rochelle at the age of 20, he weighed 118 kg. Very quickly, he is understood that without effort he will not succeed. “PFor six months, I got up earlier to do an hour of “Watbike” until I reached 111kghe remembers, I knew that with this weight of 118 kg I could not play at the highest level. But it was a daily struggle not to throw myself in the fridge. Most of all, at that time, I was a roommate with Pierre Bourgarit… It’s like me from that point of view. He likes good products from Gers. , The memory still makes me smile.

Current and direction back to L’Houmeau. Gregory Aldrit improvised as a tourist guide. The port of the plumb, its rows of oyster huts, its direct view of the le de Rey and its bridge, its beautiful lighthouse, are an invitation to relax.

The place remains deserted on this Monday of April. During the half hour spent under a beautiful spring sun decked out by the winter breeze, only one vehicle would pass by. The man in his sixties stops, opens his window and hands him afternoon olympics To get autographs. Words are counted between the two. On the one hand there is admiration and respect. On the other hand, an almost embarrassed smile. , I come from the countryside, where I grew up with two older brothers. At home, we don’t necessarily show our feelings. That doesn’t mean we don’t have one. , Gregory Aldrite has humility.

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This budding celebrity, the vice-captain of the blues has to get used to it. With France’s XV piling up successes, with the Stade Rochelles monopolizing the leading roles, it will grow even more, looking at this 2023 World Cup in France.

In 2007, players appeared in magazines praising Here A Watch Brand, There A Hair Product. Sebastian Chabal also had his own puppetry at the Gignolles de l’Info. For “People” reports, TF1’s television newscaster, the event’s broadcaster, followed players’ teammates during matches. This is all he knows and is preparing for. But he reiterates it, we will not change that. , I never run after slander. I never entered an area to expose myself or attract light. If she comes, I’ll take her. But this is not my goal. , and conclude: When I go on the field, the match has to be won. and win the title. , Which act?

Birth: March 23, 1997 in Toulouse (31)

Measurements: 1.91 m, 112 kg

Post : third row

Continuing Clubs: SA Condom Rugby (2004–2008), Rugby Club Auch (2008–2017), Stade Rochelles (since 2017)

National Selection: 31

First match in selection: 1 February 2019 against Wales

selection point: 20 (4 attempts)

Achievements: Winner of the 2022 Grand Slam with XV of France, champion of France Federal 1 in 2017 with RC Auch.


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