Prime Video miniseries receives surprising expansion –

Prime Video miniseries receives surprising expansion -

The format is originally based on a joint novel by fantasy greats Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, in which the angel Aziraphale (played by Michael Sheen in the series adaptation) and the demon Crawley (David Tennant) deal with the near end of the world. Facing the apocalypse. Since humans enjoying their time to the fullest are the two other-worldly beings’ greatest similarities, they ultimately make up the common reason for postponing the apocalypse. So far, so good – that was the content of the book.

According to the announcement, the second season will be about the fact that angels and demons want to return to their existence on Earth – more precisely in the London borough of Soho – after their work is done successfully, but through a unexpected messenger and one picked up by him amazing secret Doing so can be precisely prevented. across from heart Gaiman becomes even more clear: an angel without memory appears in Soho …

Commenting on the series expansion Gaiman said: It is now 31 years since the novel ‘Good Omens’ was published. And that means it’s been 32 years since Terry Pratchett and I lay in my respective hotel beds at the World Fantasy Convention in Seattle, thinking about a sequel. And further: I’ve also packed some excerpts from these ideas for the sequel to the ‘Good Omens’ series – that’s where the angels came in. Terry is no longer with us, but while he was there we chatted about where we wanted to go with Good Omens and what should happen next. And now, thanks to BBC Studios and Amazon, I’ve had the chance to actually go there.

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The sequel, which is set to begin filming in Scotland this fall, has confirmed the return of the two main characters, Sheen and Tennant. Neil Gaiman, who now has a framework contract with Amazon Studios, is a co-showrunner with executive producer and director Douglas McKinnon. Behind the series are again Amazon Studios, BBC Studio Productions as well as The Blank Corporation (through which Gaiman turns his template into the series) and Narativia (where the 2015 deceased’s creative assets are managed).

Gaiman is still working on the series “The Sandman” for Netflix. In addition, he is working on the future of “American Gods”, which has been dropped from his US broadcaster and which, according to Gaiman, should continue anyway.

A demon and an angel meet in Soho… – “Good Omens 2” Amazon Studios, BBC Studios


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