Prince Charles’s chief aide sensationally moved after ‘cash for honours’ investigation

Prince Charles's chief aide sensationally moved after 'cash for honours' investigation

Prince Charles’s main aide has radically resigned following a “cash for honours” investigation.

Michael Fawcett has resigned as CEO of the Prince Foundation and is said to be “heartbroken” and “broken”.

Prince Charles and his main aide Michael Fawcett go their separate wayscredit: Getty – Contributor
Fawcett dramatically resigns from Prince Foundation amid ongoing ‘Cash for Honors’ scandalcredit: Getty – Contributor

It is also understood that her personal contract to host events for Charles has been terminated.

It comes after Fawcett offered to help a Saudi billionaire donor gain the knighthood and British citizenship for the prince’s charity.

Pulse said the scandal – which erupted in early September – had a “devastating” effect on the 59-year-old and that he no longer felt well enough to make decisions about his future.

It is understood that he is not expecting a formal inquiry into the allegations, which is yet to be reported.

A friend said: “Michael has left and he’s never coming back. He’s lost five kilos and he’s just a reflection of himself.”

A Prince Foundation spokesperson confirmed: “Michael Fawcett has resigned as CEO of the Prince Foundation.”

Clarence House has also confirmed that it will break ties with Fawcett and his events company, Premiere Mode.

A spokesman said: “Michael Fawcett and Premiere Mode will no longer provide services to us in the future. We all agreed to terminate these agreements.”

For 40 years, Mr Fawcett was the person Charles could not live without.

He said he would resign from his post “temporarily” during the hearing of the case – but decided to make the decision permanent even before the findings were released.

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A letter showed Fawcett was “willing and happy” to help Dr Mahfouz Mari Mubarak bin Mahfouz gain knight and citizenship after coughing up £1.5million.

Charles awarded the billionaire a CBE and named a forest in his Scottish castle in his honor.

Former Lib Dame MP and private adviser Norman Baker and the Republic campaign group have both named Prince Charles in their complaints to the Met Police.

The Sun has exclusively revealed that a special team of top police, called the “Celebrity Squad” as they investigate high profile suspects, has been assigned the case.

no return

Douglas Connell has resigned as chairman of the Prince’s Foundation following new allegations, with the charity accepting a six-figure sum from a Russian donor.

Executive Director Chris Martin has also “temporarily resigned” until the outcome of the claim investigation.

Fawcett faced a scandal during his career and was forced to resign twice after being accused of intimidating staff and selling unwanted royal gifts.

But then he got a £95,000-a-year role as managing director of Charles’ charity.

friends insisted that The 59-year-old had been a “loyal and steadfast servant” of the prince, but sources said she would no longer have a relationship with him.

Charles will be informed of his longtime partner’s decision and will feel “sad” over the circumstances.

Charles is said to be upset over the decision of his longtime friend
Charles is said to be upset over the decision of his longtime friendcredit: alpha press

A 2003 clip shows Prince Charles and his assistant Michael Fawcett with an Arab delegation


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