Prince Harry and Meghan Contract Sign

Prince Harry and Meghan Contract Sign

aThe Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced a year ago that they wanted to be financially independent, they had other ideas about their future. At that time he was confident that he could dance at two weddings. The couple, who felt themselves snatched from the palace, were misunderstood, misunderstood and a “progressive new role” within the institution. Prince Harry and Meghan believed they could resign as upper-class members of the family, abandoning appeals and attempting to earn income with the Sussex Royal Trademark with duties in royal service. Can.

The palace was only fifteen minutes after the premature announcement to give the couple a cold bath. Harry is said to have felt during the talks that week that he was in front of the firing squad. It was about headlines, patrons and security issues. But above all it was about money. After ten days it was clear that the palace did not consider a hybrid role viable. It all came down to a tough megaxit. It should not have been like this, Meghan has said that she reprimanded.

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