Prince Harry return: Charles should have no plans to meet his son

Prince Harry return: Charles should have no plans to meet his son

Charles, William and Harry rarely see each other now. Build: Poole / Getty Images

Prince Harry return: Charles should have no plans to meet his son

At the funeral of Prince Philip in April, Harry visited his homeland for the first time since the royal return. There he also met his father and brother. The mood between the royals has been extremely tense, especially since the disclosure interview with Oprah Winfrey. Compared to the talk show veteran, Harry insisted that Charles and William were “stuck” in the royal system. The 36-year-old was particularly disappointed with his father and said he felt “really disappointed” by him.

In the “Armchair Expert” podcast, Harry later followed up, saying that his royal life was “like a mix of ‘The Truman Show’ and a zoo”. In addition, he sharply criticized the upbringing of the royals.

On July 1, the prince will meet again with his brother William. Because on this day a memorial in memory of his mother Diana will be unveiled in the Sunken Gardens of Kensington Palace. Sun“That Charles should have no plans to visit his son at this time.

Charles is due in Scotland in July

According to the English newspaper, there is talk of an unfortunate clash of appointments and the Prince of Wales is said to have not been in London when Harry’s visit. A source said: “Charles will leave the boys alone. Harry will have to quarantine himself for at least five days if he lands in England, most likely at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor.”

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And further: “Charles has made it very clear that there will be no further as he is going to Scotland.” Communication between the Duke of Sussex and his brother was also restricted. Another insider pointed out: “There was no face-to-face chat or actual conversation, just a very short and minimal exchange of text messages.” Beyond that, there shouldn’t be any major debates:

In honor of his late mother Lady Di, however, according to the source, they will come together on their special day. As “Sun” further says, both must move heaven and earth to be there. “They installed the statue together. It’s very important to them,” Royal Insider said.

Yet, despite attending the ceremony together, they must give their private speech. “You would have thought that they would make a joint statement and speech, but it is not so. Everyone stressed on their preparation”Emphasis on source.


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