Prix ​​Medicis 2021: Authors take you around the world

Toute la culture
The Prix Médicis is a literary award established in 1958 by the architect Gala Barbison and the politician Jean-Pierre Giroudoux. It crowns a novel, a story or a short story by an author whose talent has not yet been recognized and thus allows the author to develop his own notoriety. Foreign Medici Prizes have been awarded since 1970 and the Medici Prizes for Essays since 1985. The award was originally referred to as “a prize like no other”. Currently, the members of the jury are: Marianne Alfant, Michel Bradeau, Marie Dariusk, Christine de Rivoire, Dominique Fernandez, Anne F. Garetta, Patrick Grenville, Andrei Makin, Frederick Mitterrand, Pascal Rose and Ellen Weinstein. The jury will deliver its verdict on November 3 at the Lutetia Hotel.
This selection traces unique life stories. “Journey, Journey” sung by Desireless. Trips that allow you to find yourself or get lost. To leave, for some, is to flee a dangerous system and policy, for others it is to find oneself, to repair past wounds. in his novel first exileIn Santiago Amigorena, Santiago Amigorena portrays the life of a character who seeks to flee the dictatorship of his country, Argentina. Dr. Erigo Lesana has described after the avalanche Portrait of two mountaineers buried for fifty years under an avalanche. They will pick up their lives from where they left off. Life went on in his absence. and if hibernates What was the inspiration for this novel? Novel Mahmud or rising water Also offers us a travelogue: an old Syrian man left alone on a boat amid a vast body of water. missed opportunities Lucy also tells an odyssey by Frick, which aims to free Maria from her painful story. Regrets missed opportunities. prophets by Robert Jones tells the story of two young slave lovers in Mississippi. A novel about black status and sexuality.


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