Queen Elizabeth enjoys personal exemption from Scottish climate law

Queen Elizabeth enjoys personal exemption from Scottish climate law

Queen Elizabeth’s lawyers don’t need Scottish politicians to help change climate change law and build pipelines that use renewable energy to heat businesses and homes. The Guardian reported on Wednesday,

In Scotland a parliamentary process known as the Queen’s Approval or the Crown’s Approval enables the King to oversee draft laws that may affect his interests, property or powers. Critics say this gives the Queen an opportunity to lobby for the changes to be included in the final version of the bill.

Protector At least 67 incidents identified The king had early access to see the law in action. The press release cited documents from Scottish Liberal Democratic researcher Lily Humphries, obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, that showed how Queen Elizabeth’s counsel was involved in a green energy bill in February.

According to The Guardian, only the Queen is exempt from the bill.

Citing documents, it appears the Queen’s campaign was not made public as it raised the question of why a politician in Scotland was running for exemption from the law.

In a statement, the King’s involvement in Buckingham Palace’s bills was meant to ensure “technical accuracy and consistency”.

“The bill may be consulted with the royal family, a complex legal principle governed by law and common law, to ensure the technical accuracy and consistency of the bill’s application to the Crown. will not change,” a Guardian spokesperson said.

The Mountain has contacted the Scottish Government for comment.

Scottish Government policy provides that the crown should be subject to the same regulatory requirements as others, unless there is a valid reason for the exception or deviation. However, if a bill affects private property or the interests of the sovereign, it is required under the Crown Approval Act – in this case that is what happened,” a Scottish government spokesman said.

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