Queen Elizabeth II, some of her words on COP26 that made headlines

Queen Elizabeth II, some of her words on COP26 that made headlines

Queen Elizabeth II, during a privately filmed conversation in Cardiff this Thursday, expressed her irritation at foreign leaders who spoke but did not act in the fight against global warming.

Some sentences were exchanged privately. But those who make up the front page of the British media. This Thursday, October 14, 2021, Queen Elizabeth II 6. Was in Cardiff to openI Session of the Welsh Parliament. Before acting, the Sovereign, all in pink despite the canes on which she was leaning, discussed with her daughter-in-law, Duchess of Cornwall Camilla, and the Speaker of Parliament, Elin Jones. A conversation that was filmed by television cameras present for the event. We do not hear all the words spoken because of the hubbub and some of the words had to be recited to the royal lips. But it is clear that the three women were talking about COP26 which will take place in Glasgow, Scotland from 31 October to 12 November.

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Harmless at first glance. Except that the emperor went out of his general reserve and expressed his “irritability” to some world leaders as to his position on climate challenges. “I still don’t know who’s coming. Don’t know,” she said, “we only know people who don’t come… It’s really annoying when they talk, but they act.” don’t”.

Elizabeth II refers to none but the respective heads of state known

If Queen Elizabeth II did not explicitly quote the heads of state she refers to, the media quickly identified her. “It is believed that Her Majesty shares the government’s concerns that Chinese President Xi (Jinping) will not be there personally,” after Boris Johnson was warned that he would attend Cop26 in just two weeks.daily mailThe English tabloid also reports that neither Russian President Vladimir Putin nor Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison have yet confirmed their presence. And so have Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. As for US President Joe Biden, we have known since Thursday that he will attend this international climate summit aimed at encouraging governments to step up their climate ambitions and make new commitments to slow the climate. Most harmful effect globally.

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