Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin is dead

Queen Elizabeth II's cousin is dead

Sad news from the British royalty at the beginning of the new year. One of the queen’s cousins ​​has died at the age of 88. This was confirmed by his family.

Last week, on behalf of Mother, Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin Lady Mary Colman died at the age of 88 at her home in Norfolk, English county, as reported by British media – including “Express” and “Telegraph” ” Are included.

“She was loved by everyone she met,” writes Lady Mary Cecilia Coleman’s family in an obituary. Accordingly, she was committed to philanthropy throughout her life. Lady Cecilia’s father, Captain Michael Bois-Lyon, was one of Elizabeth Bowe-Lyon’s four brothers, known as Queen Mum or Queen Mother.

She was a mother’s mother five times and grandmother ten times

Lady Mary Coleman married businessman Sir Timothy Colman from the age of twenty. The two tied the knot in 1951. According to reports, the deceased’s family had a close relationship with the Royal Family. They often visited the Queen, Prince Philip and Company in Norfolk or on the country estate of Sandringham in Balmoral, Scotland, and spent holidays with the Royals there.

In addition to her husband Sir Timothy, Lady Mary leaves three daughters Sarah, Sabrina and Emma, ​​two sons James and Matthew, and a total of ten grandchildren and 16 grandchildren. Buckingham Palace has not commented on the death of the Emperor’s cousin.

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