Rachel Green’s favorite friend piece is on Instagram

Rachel Green's favorite friend piece is on Instagram

In the 90s, Rachel Green came into our lives. His unique charisma, his famous humor and his love stories underline his mythology after the season. Even today, the character played by Jennifer Aniston is a reference to several series. If her hairstyle has been copied all over the world, then her wardrobe is not left out. During the episode, Monica Geller’s best friend look became the inspiration for the entire generation. Daddy’s girl, a bit rebellious in the first season, Rachel quickly swapped her XXL sweatshirts and denim overalls for sexy short dresses and crop-tops. Among her favorite pieces, Ross’s eternal fiancée very often opted for a plaid plaid skirt. The trendy item in the 90s, pleated skirt is making a comeback later this year. On Instagram, the hottest girls adopt it again and make us greedy bagpipes.

How to adopt plaid pleated skirt?

Plaid pleated skirts have the power to take us back in time. In the 90s, fashionistas preferred the tartan look, which included plaid skirts and blazers, such as the “clueless” worn by Alicia Silverstone in the hit film. Today, fashionable girls like to play a moderation card by pairing this vest of the previous piece with a beautiful Kadli sweater or a turtleneck top. less is more.

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