Rapid beat Ried, Austria at the bottom of the points table

Rapid beat Ried, Austria at the bottom of the points table

Hütteldorfer celebrated a 3–0 win and second win of the season. Despite 2-2 in Graz, Austria slipped to last. Lask and Hartberg split 1:1.

Vienna / Graz. Rapid celebrated their second win of the season with a 3–0 win against Reid. It was not a grand performance, but the mood in Hüteldorf ahead of the second leg of the European Cup in Sjörja Luhansk (3-0 in the first leg) on ​​Thursday was very beneficial. The defense of Inviertel, held long before Marco Grul of all men, brought Hatteldorfer to the lead. After a badly defended corner, the 23-year-old was met with turmoil (43rd), the ex-rider pardoned the cheers.

While Rapid scored two headers from Erkan Cara (14th, 17th), the guests only fired the first shot on goal in the 58th minute. Richard Straubinger held on against Nikola Stosik, but with his shoulder hurt, Paul Gartner came in for him (60th).

Ried then tried to equalize, but the match was ice cold. Cara scored with a volley after substitute Taxiarchis Fountas (72nd), Robert Ljubicic with a long-range shot (81st) sealed the final score of 3–0.

Jurisin scored a point for Austria

Vienna went 2–2 in Austria Graz, even dreaming of their first win of the season for a half. Violet’s first goal was denied by VAR by Wessel Demaku (8th), but when Manfred Fischer fouled at the edge of the penalty area, TV images showed referee Sebastian Gishammer correcting a penalty from a free kick and Marco Juricin 1- converted to 0. (19th).) The rotated Sturm team could not withstand pressure from Austria, with only a chance through David Effengruber (28th).

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In the break, however, the Styrians found each other and changed the game within four minutes: Manpreet Sarkar scored against his former club in Kreuzeck (47th), Kelvin Yeboa danced to Marcus Sutner and it was 2nd. made -1 (51st). But Austria had Jurisin, who saved a purple point by scoring a dream goal from 20m (69th).

Lask had to be content with a 1:1 (0:0) draw against TSV Hartberg and failed to gain confidence for Thursday’s Conference League second leg play-off against St Johnstone in Scotland. Florian Flecker, who had come from Hartberg in the summer, prevented an unsuccessful dress rehearsal with his own goal in the 78th minute, when Matija Horvat gave the Styrians the lead in the 69th minute.



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