R&B singer Akon is making ‘Real-Life Wakanda’ in Senegal

R&B singer Akon is making ‘Real-Life Wakanda’ in Senegal

(CNN) – Award-winning R&B singer Akon is moving ahead with ambitious plans to create a “futuristic” city in Senegal, saying the high-tech nation, featured in the Marvel blockbuster “Black Panther”, will be a real-life version of Wakanda.

Monday, Akon, real name Alium Damala Baddara Akon Thiam, Laid the first stone For The city of Akon In Mbodian Park, 100 km from the country’s capital Dakar, he said work would begin next year.

Senegal’s Minister of Tourism Aluan Sir, and other government officials were also present, “he said at the ceremony.” We are looking to the city of Akon to begin the future of Africa. “Our idea is to create a futuristic city that incorporates all the latest technologies, cryptocurrencies and how African society should be in the future.”

According to its official website, this Solar-powered city There will be health facilities, office fees, luxury houses, shopping malls, skyscrapers and eco-friendly tourist centers. It will be a five-minute drive from the country’s new international airport.
Was a singer Gift 2,000 acres of land To create an ambitious city by Senegalese President Macky Sell. Econ also said he needs to make the required Rs 6 billion required by anonymous investors.
He first announced his idea for an idealistic city Back in 2018 Where it has been compared to Wakanda’s imaginary technologically advanced nation “Black Panther.”


The city of Akon plans to have a single business called its own digital cash currency (cryptocurrency). Acoin.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies linked to static currencies, Acoin cellphones are bound by minutes and depend on the use of the smartphone.

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According to the singer, more people in Africa trust their local cellphone companies more than they trust local currency.

In November 2019, the singer told CNN that cryptocurrency would allow Africans to become Less dependent on their governments. He argued that Aquinas would enable people to control their own currencies and make financial decisions without the external interference of their countries through expansion.

“We want to be able to fight corruption only through blockchain and I think starting with currency is the biggest thing. The main thing they (Africans) will be able to achieve is freedom and I think in a position to create your own situation.” Financial decisions are key, ”he said.

However, Akoi has faced criticism and questions about how it works in low-income countries with low access to smartphones or data.

Job creation

Akon told a news conference that work on his city would begin in 2021.

Cello / AFP / Getty Images

“I want to create a city or a project like this that inspires them (African Americans) to know that home is home … the system back home (in the US) treats them very differently. That you can never imagine and they just go through it because they think there is no other way. “

He added that his hope is that Senegal will become a tourist destination in Africa as a result of the city of Akon.

“Whether you’re coming from America or Europe, anywhere in the Diaspora and you feel like you want to visit Africa, we want to make Senegal your first stop,” he says.

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Senegalese Tourism Minister Aloun Sir was pleased with Akon’s decision to invest in the country at a time when the Kovid-19 epidemic has affected the country’s economy.

“At a time when national and international private investments are scarce, Akon, you have chosen to come to Senegal and invest billions of dollars in the coming years,” Surrey said.

Africa had a tourism industry Hit hard by the epidemic Airports, hotels, restaurants, event centers and tour companies across the continent have closed as a way to stop the spread of the virus.

This is not Akon’s first major investment on the continent. In recent years, the entertainer has signed on to big deals in Africa.

In 2014, for example, it launched Akon Lighting Africa, a charity project in partnership with the World Bank and the government to provide solar-powered electricity. 600 million Africans.


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