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Really Good Entertainment - 11FREUNDE

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United’s Gala against Rome

Better than his reputation. The Europa League is often regarded as the younger, ugly sibling of the Champions League, but provides better entertainment than the Premier class. Those who watched the lewd kick between Real Madrid and Chelsea on Tuesday and held last evening’s games against it had better conversations with Manchester and Villarelle broadcasting. This was certainly especially true for the Gala that Manchester United fired against Esauchazion Sportiva Roma (as we 11 friend aficionados call it).

It was still 1: 2 at the time of the interruption, also because the indestructible Edin Djeko (52) scored for Rome. The Italians split after half-time, which was also due to the fact that three regular players, Jordan Veroutout, keeper Pau López and Leonardo Spinzola, had to be injured before the break whistle. Bruno Fernandes and Edinson Cavani scored four of the 6-2 goals and it is a bit lacking imagination as to how Rome can bend it in the second leg.

It was very close in the second game between the villain and Arsenal. The hosts dominated the game, taking a 2–0 long lead and preparing themselves to be able to travel to London with an already relaxed cushion, especially since Arsenal’s Dani Ceballos was also yellow-red Was thrown into the ground with color. But then a dubious penalty, which Pepe converted for Arsenal, spoiled the Spaniards’ mood. And then thentienne Capoue had to leave the field with yellow and red paint as they beat Saka brutally in the legs. Capou himself was injured during the action, was taken from the square on the stretcher and saw the red box while it was being removed. As I said: really good entertainment.

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