Rebel Wilson displays stunning slimmed down figure as he loses weight

Rebel Wilson displays stunning slimmed down figure as he loses weight

Rebel Wills has said she is close to her “goal weight” as she demonstrates her slim-down frame again in her “year of health.”

The 40-year-old Australian Australian comedian aims to reach 72 kg (11.3 stone, or 159 pounds) in his health regime and on Sunday he revealed that he is just 3 kg away from hitting his target,

Bridesmaids also shared an understanding of her exercise regime that helped her head towards her goal in some dramatic fashion.

The rebels shared a photo of her celebrating the extra end of the morning in Los Angeles on Instagram.

The actress looked at the city sky with her hands and hips on her hips and active active wear.

Wilson, a 40-year-old rebel, said he was only three kilograms of his target

He gave a quick caption: “Happy Sunday everyone! Getting ready for a great week ahead.

“This week was super busy, but I got up three times (early in the morning at 6am) and went on a tour … I also did a 100m sprint to get my heart rate higher – although my ‘sprint’ is probably someone else’s ‘slow’ Jog ‘.

“But I am proud of myself and [am] Now only 3 kg away from my target weight! “

His efforts went unnoticed around the world, as his Sydney-based personal trainer, Jono Castano, shares his support for the rebel’s efforts: “Amazing boss! You got this.”

Rebel Wilson showcased his stunning slim down figure

Later Sunday evening, Rebel shared several photos of her recent trip to Monaco, where she spent time with her new boyfriend, Jacob Bush.

She also showed off her incredibly slim-down figure in a low-cut pink robe when she asked for pictures on the balcony of the hotel suite where she lived.

Just to show that her healthy rule was not all work and no play, the rebellion was portrayed as tucking into a fancy dessert as she told her followers that it was important to “treat yourself” now and then.

Commenting on the photo, he said: “Remember girls though, you have to treat yourself.

“I only do it once or twice a week with food right now … and substitute a bubble bath on alternate nights.”

Rebel Wills told fans they should remember to treat themselves from now on

Rebel began her new relationship on the red carpet debut on September 24 at the Planetary Health Gala in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Her 29-year-old boyfriend is part of the family that founded the Anneuser-Bush Brewery, which produces America’s most popular beer, Budweiser.

According to Forbes, the Bush family is estimated to be worth .4 13.4 billion, making them the 16th richest family in the United States.

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