Home entertainment Record rain in Scotland ahead of UN climate change conference

Record rain in Scotland ahead of UN climate change conference

Record rain in Scotland ahead of UN climate change conference


October 29, 2021 – 7:10 pm Watch

500 houses evacuated by rain

It almost sounds like a call to action for the delegations: a few days before COP26, the UN climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, it rained in record amounts. In Howick, south-east Scotland, 500 homes had to be evacuated.

Record rainfall in 24 hours in Great Britain

It is possible that the past few days were also British rainfall records: according to preliminary analyzes from the University of Newcastle, Hönister Pass in Cumbria fell 365 liters of rain per square meter from 27 October to 28 October. in 24 hours! This accounts for almost half of the annual rainfall in Berlin.

The British weather agency “Met Office” sees a link between high temperatures and heavy rainfall. There has been an average increase of 6 per cent in rainfall since 1991 as compared to the previous 30 years (1961-1990).

The five warmest months in Britain have occurred in the last eleven years since 1862, and six of the ten years with the highest rainfall rates have been since 1998.

Rainfall up to 65 percent

The lakes overflow in the Lake District, where Ullswater Lake enters the shore. (Image: Oliver Sheel)

So now record rain shortly before the climate conference. Newcastle University Prof. For Hayley Fowler it is clear evidence of the destructive power of climate change. “These heavy rain events and heavy flooding are becoming increasingly common in times of climate change.”

“Our models show that such events in the UK will result in 35 to 65 per cent more rainfall over 50 years. And even more violently if we choose to do nothing instead of cut greenhouse gas emissions.”

A sentence that is a clarion call to action at the upcoming climate conference.

Doctor. Sonia Seneviratne from ETH in Zurich says: “The latest IPCC report clearly defined that northern Europe is one of the regions where man-made climate change is causing more heavy rain events.”

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