Referee Seibert with no problem at EM Premiere

Referee Seibert with no problem at EM Premiere

Glasgow (AP) – Referee Daniel Seibert has made a good start at the European Football Championship. The 37-year-old from Berlin led the early-round duel between Scotland and the Czech Republic (0-2) on Monday afternoon without major problems and rarely faced difficult decisions.

When Scots players and fans demanded a penalty shortly before the break after an alleged foul on Scott McTominay, Siebert justified.

“It was a great performance by Daniels for the first European Championship game, totally cool”, praising referee colleague Patrick Itrich on Magenta TV. “He leveled up and let the couple lead, but stopped what you had to do. Overall for the whole team: Chapo.” And ex-national team player and television expert Michael Ballack was also impressed: “It was a game that had a lot of doubles, so he leveled up relatively quickly, let it go a lot, but whistled with obvious fouls. It was an impeccable There was a performance.”

Siebert also made his first appearance at the tournament, a day after his colleague Felix Brych’s first appearance in the Netherlands’ 3–2 win over Ukraine. The nomination for the continental tournament for the first time also came as a surprise to the referees. “That was madness — and I had to deal with that first,” he said of the moment he got the news. “It feels like a dream.” According to the DFB, Siebert has directed 122 Bundesliga matches and has been a FIFA referee since 2014. It was used for the first time in the Champions League in October 2018.


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