Relationship thriller trailer from Netflix –

Relationship thriller trailer from Netflix -

On February 17, Netflix miniseries will release “She Knows About You”. The unusual triangular relationship between a secretary, a psychiatrist and his wife is at the center of the unusual relationship thriller. Now at least one English-language trailer has been published.

“She Knows About You” by Sarah Pinborough from 2017 is based on the bestseller “Behind As Eyes” (also the series’ original title). The focus is on single mom Louise (Simona Brown), who has recently moved to a new home in the small town. There she gets a job as a secretary in a psychiatric practice. While she is still looking for a connection to her new home, she begins an affair with her boss David (Tom Bateman). For married David, this is not the first case.

When Lewis comes in contact with David’s fiery wife Adele (Eve Hexen) and befriends him, She finds herself embroiled in a dangerous web of mysteries, where there is nothing and there is nothing like it…

“Behind Her Eyes” Trailer (English)

The miniseries “She Knows About You” consists of six episodes. Steve Lightfoot developed the series and co-wrote the script adaptation with Angela Lamanna. Eric Richter Strand (“Valkrien”) directed all six episodes. Filming took place before the epidemic in London and Scotland.

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