“Responsibility” to be Anya Taylor-Joy and Argentina

Anya Taylor-Joy celebrates 25 years this Friday turned into a globally recognized actress. The woman knew how to play lead roles in the past, but her role as Beth Harmon Gamit de la dame Netflix propelled him to stardom. He passed through various places to reach the top., Although its story originated in Buenos Aires. The artist walks along Proud in this part of his life and recognized that it is also a responsibility for him. opinion!

Anya Taylor-Joy’s Argentine Originals

his parents Jennifer Marina Joy Yes Denise Taylor They met him in Miami in 1996, but he soon moved there Silver For labor issues. His father is a success International banker Argentine and Scottish origin, which later became Professional motorboat broker and director of a private jet charter company. For business, the family left South America in 2002 and moved to London.


By the age of six, Anya grew up in an expensive neighborhood Ricoletta, Buenos Aires. There he studied in school Northlands (The same one that was attended by Queen Maxima of the Netherlands) and developed an introverted personality. He also turned into one nature lovers By inheritance from his parents, Which in 1991 acquired 160 hectares for conservation purposes in the Lower Paraná Delta. In 2017, he made it an official nature reserve.

Anya taylor-joey


Actually, the first Instagram photo of the actress is in a boat on these waters. “Sunset in Argentina”, Written on a postcard from Buenos Aires. His country visits are regular because the majority of his family lives in Argentina, However, he has not been able to travel due to the epidemic in the last two years.

Anya taylor-joey


Ever since her story was made known, Taylor-Joey became a Creole representative and fell in love with Argentine fans. In an interview with Netflix, she admitted what she meant by: “The idea that Argentina loves me almost makes me cry because almost all of my family lives there. I don’t spend the time I want to spend there, in my mind I’ll be at Buenos Aires again at some point in my life I would like to live in.

Additionally, he revealed that he has a lot of pressure on him in Argentina as well. “That they love me that way” is our Argentine “makes me very proud, but it’s also like it affects me a lot, I think”, He claimed.

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The actress also said that she missed Argentinian food and went viral in the last few hours to reveal that her favorite ice cream flavor is monotonous. Empanadas, provolone cheese and churros are some of their favorite dishes in their home country.

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