Review of the Keepers – The Lighthouse Keepers: A film similar to the Scottish sea

Review of the Keepers - The Lighthouse Keepers: A film similar to the Scottish sea

The seven Flannan islands of just 59 hectares in the far north-west of Scotland are uninhabited. All the more, a strange incident on the small island of Ilion Mór caused a sensation, which has not yet been cleared: when on December 26, 1900, a supply ship three lighthouse keepers Thomas Marshall, James Duke and Donald MacArthur, the driver The team found the lighthouse and left the entire island. The lighthouse was not locked for several days, clocks were closed, a chair in the kitchen was overturned and two of the three weatherproof oil jackets were missing. So was the hasty departure by the three men, of which there is no trace even today. The last entry in the logbook was 15 December and is also a mystery. It summarized it: “The storm is over, the sea is calm. God sees everything.

Flanne Isle Lighthouse Mystery“Once certain facts became known, it was often processed in literary terms, leading to speculation of the plot of the disappearance of the three men, including murder scenarios, supernatural events, and even kidnapping by aliens. First up: Thriller “Keepers – Lighthouse Keepers“, Which is now working on the event for the first time as a feature film, chooses a realistic interpretation. But despite a top-class cast and a depressed mood, the Danish series director Christopher Nafarom (” Taboo “) Direction suffers from a script in the first film, which eventually fails due to its ambitions.

The obese and bitter widower Thomas Marshall (Peter Mullen), the pious family man James Ducat (Gerard Butler) and the young, inexperienced Donald MacArthur (Connor Swindells), begin a six-week service at the lighthouse of Ilean Moor. After some severe storms, Donald leaves the lifeless body of Sailor Kenny (Gary Lewis) in a small bay, carrying a box full of gold. When the three men want to obtain the treasure, Donald kills Kenny, who is suddenly alive again in self-defense. The joy of the search, however, lasts only for a short time: Donald suffers from feelings of guilt – and a few days later a small ship, Skipper Locke (Soren Maling), led by Dock, a crew member and a missing Box with valuable materials …

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The soundscape is influenced by the scorching seagulls, the rustle of the wind and the waves hitting the rocks, while the restrained, gloomy score by Benjamin Valphic, who also composed for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. Used sporadically only. The “keepers – lighthouse keepers” live with the supernatural, for example when a whole flock of suddenly dead seagulls like the lighthouse area. But despite this apparent suspense effect, the thriller never delves into the greed of supernatural hocus-pocus – which positively impacts a strong ominous atmosphere. On-site shooting also fit in with a reasonably realistic claim, more precisely in four different lighthouses in Scotland, which extract a lot of authentic colors from the historic interior.

The fact that despite these harmonious ingredients, it does not succeed in keeping the tension to the end is mainly due to the script by screenwriters Joe Bone and Klein Jones. In the style of Sam Raimi’s “A Simple Plan,” the acting that balances between an intense thriller and a crime-drama drama that strives for psychological depth is ambitious, but not work due to the superficially crafted characters Does. While old-fashioned star Peter Mulan (“Faidae – Hostiles”) marks the author’s quagmire from the start, and newcomer Connor Swindells remains the gullible little boy in his first feature film role for the entire duration, Gerard Butler is the last Try after rather flat roles, the largest range of facial expressions, with visible physical decay in the underground boot thriller “Hunter Killer” or the blockbuster flop “Geostorm”.

After James fools with Donald randomly in the first third, the family’s father figure quickly turns into an ascetic sinner in the final third, who first locks himself in a small chapel and finally now Sheer does not want to live because of guilty feelings. This shift of characters, which increases the pace of the story, just seems incredible. All with Seaman’s thread about certain facts about Joe Bone and Jones “Flanne Isle Lighthouse Mystery“Could have been insane, the genre-loving viewer mourns the occasion of a lapse, as the mysterious incident would certainly have provided the material for not only the atmospheric, but thrilling film story.”

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Conclusion: The projections of a tricky and atmospheric thriller have been slow for some time in previous conflicts. After the first half, “Keepers – Die Leuchetmwerter” reduced the audience’s patience.


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