Rexham football coach records single with pop legend Rick Astley

Rexham football coach records single with pop legend Rick Astley

The manager of Rexham’s multi-national football team has teamed up with a pop legend to set a single record for Children Need.

Delvin Derrick, who runs Bellevue FC – a team full of migrants and refugees – was invited to join after being crowned the 2019 BBC Wales Sports Personality Unsung Hero.

He teamed up with Rick Astley, one of the many regional winners of the award, to set a record for the “Unsung Hero Awards in 2010” titled “Every One Us Us Our F”.

Hosts of athletes including Captain Tom Moore and Ben Stokes, Garrett Thomas and Dame Jessica Anis Hill also support the campaign and there are many special cameos in the music video.

Olympic and Paralympic stars Tanny Gray-Thompson, Will Bailey, Carrie Adenagen, Ellie and Becky Downey and Sam Cook, along with Alex Scott, Gabby Logan and Gareth Thomas, also play a role in Delvin.

Funding for needy BBC children, to bhum, will be the national anthem for the One Year Awards where keeping the spirit of the community higher has never been more important.

Each singer, due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, was asked to record their song section from home – with video recorded in various areas of Manchester and London.

Delvin of Bersham said: “To say that all of this was done through a down-to-earth downtown and then through a personal-distance video shoot is a mega achievement for everyone involved. I am very grateful to everyone involved in this insane circumstance for creating something that So we can all be very proud.

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“Profits from the single will go to Children in Need which is a great reason and I’m so proud to play my small part. It’s crazy to say I’m on track with Rick Astley but haven’t really got it. Personally yet, so hopefully This is something we can do in the future.

“Of course the irony of the vocal hero is not lost either literally singing.”

Speaking on track and video recordings, he said: “The recording of the song had to be done away from home, I was lucky because I have a little recording studio at my home in the band of a past life.

“But the others weren’t so lucky and had to sing on their mobile phones literally – but if you listen to the track you’ll never know it was the case. The producers have done a wonderful job with it – it sounds so cool.”

“For the video, since I was a football coach, I was taken to play in a field near Media City in Salford and asked to dance to the tune of me singing, like my crippled anxiety I never did so I come in my pocket. One walking firmly towards the camera with my hand. ”


Focusing on the project and the “absolutely fantastic” over the last 12 months, Delvin said: “I firmly believe that this is not the last thing that will happen with the 2019 Unsung Heroes, we have shared each other’s successes and supported each other’s struggles. We have met and we have formed lasting friendships through it all, it is my personal hope that will last a lifetime.

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“It’s been a fun project to get involved and with no football in Wales at the moment, it’s a welcome departure from all the uncertainty and discomfort.

“I still don’t look like a hero, unsung or otherwise, but when the idea first came up I wasn’t going to give up. It was also considered important in the video celebrating the game. Tanny Gray-Thompson, Gareth Thomas, Alun Vine Jones And Garrett Thomas is just surreal.

“Without taking anything else, it’s a song for a great cause that was really fun to get involved in and who could say better than that?

“It would be great to see another Welsh Ansung Hero from the North East so I encourage everyone to nominate for the award and also for the Young Ansung Hero Award.

“Speaking of solo, it’s for a great purpose and Rick Astley is a great singer and perfectly humble, so definitely go and listen to him.”

Rick Astley said: “I did not hesitate when asked to launch a solo in honor of Unsung Hero and to raise money for BBC children in need. Both are brilliant reasons and I hope this song will bring a little joy and unity during what has been a fantastic and unprecedented year. ”

Along with the solo launch, nominations for the Unsung Hero 2020 Awards will open at 6 p.m.

This year will see a new addition, as the Captain Tom: Young Unsung Hero Award will go to a young volunteer who, like the main award nominees, has made a big difference in his local community through the game during Covid 19.

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The Young Unsung Hero Award will be named after Captain Tom, while walking in the garden until his 100th birthday. Efforts raised £ ..9 million dollars.

The young winner will be selected from nominations in the UK and must be under 15 to be eligible.

Both awards will see finalists from Scotland, Northern Ireland, ND, Wales and each of the 12 English regions. Young Ansang will join Heroes with four nominated national winners from the English territories before the winner is announced in December.

The single will be available for download on all streaming and download services at Download DownPR.

To nominate your Unsung Hero and Young Unsung Hero through video, audio dio, web online webform or by email, just visit


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