Reynis: The Country’s Children at the Olympic Games Jean Abelhou

Reynis: The Country's Children at the Olympic Games Jean Abelhou

Journalists from France Télévision in Tarn-et-Garonne, originally from Reynis, will comment on rugby sevens on the occasion of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

The Olympic Games start today and will represent Tarn et Garonne and more precisely the municipality of Rhenius. Indeed, Rénicion Jean Abelhou, the insignia of rugby on France television, will comment with Vincent Clerc, former international of rugby union, holder of the test record of our championship (101), rugby tournament on July 7, 26, July 27, men 28 for women’s teams including France (excluding non-qualified France), and 29, 30 and 31 July for women’s teams, including France. On this occasion he gave an interview to La Depoche du Midi.

Where does your passion for the oval ball come from?

My first feeling comes from the 1967 final (I was 10) won by USM in Bordeaux 11-3 against the CA Beagles. I was there with my father, a bus was arranged in the village. My second adventure dates back to 1971 with the beginning of the Beziers era. My mom had a connection to this area and suddenly at home we followed the team, what a team!

What is your background as a journalist?

In 1985, I began commenting on sectional football with my friend Jean Resgue, the RMC football mister, as well as a little rugby on Bass Quercy Radio. Then, sponsored by sports journalist Patrick Theliot, I joined Sud Radio from 1988 to 1991 and commented on all the national games in Paris, where I lived. At that time it was not yet a full time job.

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How do you go from radio to TV, from football to rugby?

On 29 March 1991, France 3 Toulouse was entrusted with production of the first number of the Rencontres XV. On 1 April (it’s no joke) France 3 offered to support me in an event that I had the privilege and honor to wear and of which I am today the editor-in-chief. On Sunday, June 27, 2021, we aired the number 1179. Then everything happened and in the tradition of the brilliant Roger Coudrac and Pierre Salvi, I commented on the matches of the XV de France Men (6 countries tournament, tours) from 2004 to 2009. Foreign).

You’re going to fly to Japan but you’ve already followed XV of France on tour?

1991 in the United States, 1992 in Argentina, 1993 in South Africa, in 1994 the historic tour of New Zealand where Pierre Berbizier’s team defeated the All Blacks twice, the 1995 World Cup in South Africa when President Nelson Mandela won the Springboks The trophy was presented to Captain François. Pienar (spectacular human symbolism), the famous “V” of the French during the pre-match of the 2003 World Cup in Australia and the final in New Zealand in 2011.

Didn’t you comment only on men?

For 10 years, I have provided various commentaries for France Television and in particular have been able to follow as closely as possible the explosion of this formidable lady XV from France, as well as Pro D2’s meetings with Jerome Kazalbou.

All this leaves many memories with you. Can you remember something for our readers?

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Most Fascinating: In 1999, in Apia, the capital of the Samoan Islands, with my mentor Thierry Lacroix, we commented on wearing a French TV shirt and tie on top and local clothing, lavalva, a variant of the Samoan version kilt below. . Dil Ki Baat: In 2019, women’s victory in Grenoble against world champions, New Zealand. Most surprising: In 2019, England-Scotland at Twickenham, where the English lead over 30 points at half-time and the game draws 38 to 38. Also in 2000 Italy’s first match in the tournament which they won was against Scotland. 3 drops from Diego Dominguez.

Which players have marked you the most?

Among foreigners: Wilkinson for his class, O’Connell for his strength and Dan Carter for his sporting wit. In French: Blanco for his elegance, Sella for his longevity, Magne for his influence, Servat for his resistance. In women, it is associated with S.agricole (Raines) and G. It is Mignot (Montpelier) who has impressed me the most to date. As for the coaches, I’ll mention 3 exceptional people I’ve been able to appreciate: Berbizier for his analytical skills, Noves for his determination and his track record, and Laporte for his illustrious career.

What are your thoughts on departmental rugby?

I’m questioning all amateur rugby that seems to be in great pain to me. Every Monday, I look at the results of all the Tarn and Garonnese clubs, and especially the “Montecois Poppies” with a sympathetic and poetic name, without forgetting the club results in my village Reynis: ROC.

Back in the Olympics, a wish?

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With regard to the rugby sevens for which I will comment on all the meetings with Vincent Clerk, I want the girls to come on the Olympic podium and I know they can do it.
During his professional career, and this, we know little, Jean Abelho was one of the engine manufacturers of the Airbus A320 program. He crossed many parts of the world to promote this plane, but he never landed. in Japan! Let us wish it to bring luck to the women as it was able to deploy the A320.


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