Rhonda Rousey backs in the ring for the ‘World War F Craft Craft’ commercial

Rhonda Rousey backs in the ring for the 'World War F Craft Craft' commercial

Rhonda Rousey has not been active in WWE since WrestleMania 35 in April 2019. However, he has recently returned to the ring, albeit for a different reason. He fought an opponent while simultaneously announcing a video game The world of craft craft.

The professional posted on Rusi’s Instagram began with a toe-to-toe in the basic ring of him and his opponent. He snatched his hand from the fighter’s neck but did not complete the chokehold. The horn blowing in the distance distracted him. Subtitles revealed that actress Sidney Sweeney was trying to get Rousseau to play some “WW” with her. The former UFC star tried to respond by blowing his own horn, but another fighter intercepted the message by knocking him down.

Russian was not the only high profile person involved in the ad. He also called on “The Destroyer” to join the Redding Party. As it turned out, comedian Jimmy O. Yang (Space Force) Was the person approaching the Russians. He also tagged Formula 1 driver Pierre Gasley.

“Rhonda I miss you when you get back to the WW,” one fan commented on Instagram. Several others joined in and expressed excitement about the video. Some announced that Yang needed to hurry and react. They want to see how the narrative is run on social media.

While Rousseau stays away from the wrestling ring, there are questions about whether he will eventually return to the WWE. She is still under contract amid rumors that she will appear at WrestleMania 37 in March 2021. The deal expires in March, but executive Paul Heyman actually hinted that she Can agree For covert expansion.

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“Everyone believes that Rhonda Rousseau’s contract expires at a certain time. I don’t understand why people don’t realize, maybe, Rhonda Rousseau’s contract has been extended or he has made a new deal and it won’t even benefit him.” Or Rhonda Rousey to reveal that information. But why don’t people understand that it will be kept secret? “

Whether he returns to the ring or not, Rousey will continue to entertain fans in different ways. Includes streaming video regularly The world of craft craft, And it provides advice for those who want to learn some life skills. She provides cooking and gardening tips on her Instagram profile while explaining how to become more self-reliant.


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