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LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 15: (LR) Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May may attend the Season 3 screening

Richard Hammond was wronged, no one came forward to save him (Photo: Jeff Spicer/WireImage)

Grand Tour star Richard Hammond is no stranger to accidents on his show, and the new Scottish special saw him capsize his boat during filming for the theatrical finale.

The final act of The Grand Tour presents … Lochdown sees Richard, Jeremy Clarkson and James May behind the wheel on a perilous journey across a body of water on a makeshift pier.

As James and Jeremy make their way to their American muscle cars, Richard pushes his way into a boat alone, accidentally overturning and letting the craft float below the surface.

As Jeremy and James remained helpless to laugh, Richard regretted that no one had tried to jump in and save him—especially since he was poorly dressed for the circumstances and forgot to pull the rope. his life jacket.

Speaking to and other media, Richard said: “Anyway, I gave [the boat] A little choking, we started to shake, and then James said ‘Come on, pull harder’. So I gave it full thrust and it overturned and sank.

Asked what was going through his mind at the time, Richard said, “There wasn’t time for a lot of things. And my brain isn’t the fastest device at the best of times.”

The presenter also struggled to say that the incident was definitely not a stunt, but a very real and accidental one.

“You see it on camera in real time. And besides, it didn’t go as planned at all. Had it been a stunt it would have been two days of work. It would never have been so good,” he said.

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“The real luck was that we had this little GoPro camera on the boat that kept me in the frame while I was drowning.”

Opposing his co-stars, Richard said, “You will also see, because ours is a show that thrives on failure, no one has jumped to save me. There was no safety boat because we were so demanding. were doing nothing.

Clarkson and others attempted to cross a body of water under dangerous conditions (Photo: Amazon Prime Video)

“Everyone took their cameras and filmed it, and I scattered around wearing chunky shoes, jeans, a sweater, and a lacquered jacket. Which isn’t the best for swimming.

It turns out that Jeremy’s experience was different — and, in fact, the whole thing was downright hilarious.

“To be honest, I broke my knees when it happened,” he said. “I couldn’t breathe. I laughed so hard that I thought “I have to breathe or I’ll suffocate”.

The presenter said: “He later said ‘no one tried to help me’. But no one could, because we were too busy to laugh.

The trio are back on the road on the Scottish stage (Photo: WireImage)

“He forgot to take off his life jacket. If you see, he is not pulling his rope to raise his life jacket. So he tries to swim in his shoes and jacket and everything.

Fortunately, Richard survived the incident and eventually made it across the bridge, despite the unexpected swim.

Plus: Jeremy Clarkson

It was certainly one of the most dangerous sets ever on The Grand Tour, however, which came as the trio filmed in 2020 between interruptions.

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There’s also a hilarious prank to watch, with James’ trailer being completely watered down by others – and it turns out that James is already planning his revenge.

A release date is yet to be confirmed.

The Grand Tour Presents… Loachdown will arrive on Amazon Prime Video on July 30.

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