Roselyne Bachelot M6 . will participate in the cult show of [VIDÉO]

 Roselyne Bachelot M6 .  will participate in the cult show of [VIDÉO]

M6 now has a cult show, “Les Reines du Shopping”, Will be back with episodes released August 24th. For this fall, M6 promises new themes with special weeks, including “Twins”, “Singles”, “Territory”, “Duets”, “Winners Return” and “Celebrities”. It is in this category that Rosaline Bachelot will participate.

M6 just aired the first clip from the show With the current Minister of Culture where we see her trying on a jumpsuit with white ruffles, then a little later, a pair of pink pumps adorned with a bow and gold sequins. We hear the minister saying: ” Another new challenge, and of course with style While she lends herself to the game of window shopping.

Travel before Rosaline Bachelo’s appointment

The show was shot several months ago, warns M6 at the end of its trailer. ” A special “celebrities” week was recorded ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic and the appointment of Madame Bachelot as Minister of Culture ».

« Christina suggested that I do a program to help a union we are in charge of. And I take care of organizing concerts for people with Alzheimer’s. I said “I’m on this show with three other friends who each sponsor a charity”.

», specified Rosaline Bachelot in June, in the TV show Children.

« The show was shot several months before the pandemic crisis and aims to fund a union of people living with Alzheimer’s disease. I am proud of this collaborative commitment. #MusicOseniors » Wrote the minister on Twitter when asked by a user.

The minister will face singer Julie Gennatti, columnist Hapstou Si, and decorator Emmanuel Rivasoux. House for sale and host of Best Pastry Chef Julia Vignali, accurate tv 7 days. At the moment, we don’t yet know what the candidates will compete on, or exactly when..

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