Rugby – Tournament – Ireland won Scotland in six-nation tournament

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Irish success (24-27) at Edinburgh against XV de Chardon on Sunday at the end of the fourth day. Now the second overtakes Ireland, France and England in the tournament stand. Match: 24-27 How will you keep a two-minute lead three minutes from the end of a tournament match? What did the Habs miss at Twainham on Saturday, He possessed the Irish, namely tactical mastery, technical precision, big heart and freshness of the last moments. So with three consecutive tactical kicks and a series of one-pass bumps in the box, they managed to win by beating France and England in the tournament’s provisional classification. Also read Scotland-ireland film Against an excellent Irish outfit accidentally denied the ball in the lineup, the Scots did not have many opportunities to start the game, and when they did, the technical approximation and waste – especially in the foot – did not allow them to . His rare highlights. The first attempt he made was in the wake of an Irish clearance stalled behind a rake, followed by Stuart Hogg after getting the ball in the jaw, and it was Finn Russell, who was in the ranks of opposing positions. Cap’s effort (28, 10-8) gave Scotland the lead for the first and last time.

For the rest, it was the Irish who stood in their own distinct style, who had to direct and wear them, and they occasionally added a few more passes. In addition, taking advantage of an opposing fumble, he made his first try by Henshaw (8th) and a second flush by Bayernay (49th, 10-21) from the beginning of the second period. With four goals from the metronomic and indestructible Jonathan Sexton (4th, 35th, 40th + 2, 55th), it was almost naturally that Ireland made the break (10-24). One of his converts is hitting the outgoing post, with 86 Irish opener Jonathan Sexton’s win percentage, 6/7. At game time, the Caledonians finally expressed themselves with style, called by a fast and wide game that allowed them to find a spot on the touchline, which Jones took advantage of the score (60th) A converted effort by Stuart Jog, who then replaced the opener. Joined after a trial by Watson (74th), drawn by a series of highlights (24-24), the Irish nevertheless managed to win, with Sexton notching his fifth goal, it (77th, 24-) 27) Won. Player: Finn Russell does not have legs. The Scottish Opener of Racing 92 was replaced in the opening by their captain, Stuart Hogg. In game hour, if it is not a penalty, it looks like a lot, Gregor Townsend, the coach of the Scottish XV, prefers to prevent damage because his opening opener was unhappy in a tactical kicking game and in direct contact Release. Certainly, Finn Russell scored his first attempt (28th), taking advantage of a block from the Hogs, as well as scoring five points (one goal, one change) in the leg but a penalty goal (38th) in his ropes ) Also missed. Hence, for the Caledonian genius, the match to be forgotten. Also read Tournament Schedule / Results

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