Ryan Reynolds and Rob McLennan negotiate to buy Rexham AFC

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McLennan negotiate to buy Rexham AFC

Ryan and Rob are both in talks to buy Rexham AFC (Photo: Getty Images).

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McLenny are the two stars who are both in discussions to buy Rexham AFC.

2020 really continues to bring us the most unexpected things.

The actors have been allowed by the Rexam Supporters Trust Board (WST) to start discussions after a special general meeting.

1,223 members voted in favor of the negotiations, with 97.5 percent voting.

The board has since confirmed that Ryan and Rob, both bidders, are both interested in investing in the football club.

In a statement, they said: ‘Negotiations with the proposed bidders will now continue and we are in a position to confirm two people interested in investing in Rexham AFC.

‘In due course, Mr McLenny and Mr Reynolds Rexham will present their vision for the AFC and propose to the members to vote at the second special general meeting.’

Ryan is interested in investing in a football club (Photo: Rex)

After the initial vote, both Ryan and Rob will share a proposal, followed by a second vote, in which members will either accept or reject.

Ryan also confirmed the thrilling news on Twitter, in response to a tweet posted back in 2012 by a fan: “You never know when Ryan Reynolds is going to come to Rexham.”

‘Yes, you never know,’ he replied. ‘I have waited 8 years to reply to this tweet.’

It comes later Leader Last week, it was first reported that ‘two very well-known individuals of high net worth’ have arrived at WST with attractive .fur.

A spokesman told the publication: ‘Investors, wishing to remain anonymous until WST members authorize the board to proceed with the discussion, are seeking to purchase Rexum AFC Ltd’s fully shared capital.

Rob McLenny

Rob will also propose (Photo: Getty Images)

“They intend to buy Rexam AFC Ltd for a small amount of money, as well as to immediately invest 2 2 million in the club to take it forward as a business and a successful football team.”

They continued: ‘Western and foreign business advisors believe that the indicator offer is completely reliable.

“They believe that a credible potential offer of an investment of Rs 2 million crore should be evaluated and negotiated so that a proposal can be put before the members as soon as possible.”

Both Ryan and Rob are said to want to ‘invest 2 million in the club’ (Photo: Getty Images)

Rexham director Spencer Harris then told the PA news agency about the investment: ‘It’s still at the stage where we have to finalize the deal and bring the members back to the second AGM.

‘But I like to think that Rob and Ryan think Rexham is an amazing prospect with a wonderful prospect.’

He went on to say: ‘Rob and Ryan’s professionalism doesn’t come around very often and I’m sure the news of their interest is quite compelling for supporters. They are very motivated individuals and very successful people in their industry.

‘But from our discussions I can tell he’s both on earth and wanting what’s best for the club.’

Metro.co.uk has contacted representatives of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McLenny for further comment.

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