Sabrina Delanoy, the first woman to comment on Euro: “I want to lead”

Sabrina Delanoy, the first woman to comment on Euro:

“When I started, I was given just one instruction: Act like you’re commenting on this game in your living room with your friends. » This time, we have to push the walls to welcome everyone. When Sabrina Delanoy’s microphone flashes for the first time at Euros this Friday, the voices of the former PSG player in Blue will reverberate among the millions who will spend their Friday evenings in front of the British duel between England and PSG. Scotland (9 pm).

Four years after debuting as a consultant during the European Women’s Championship with Eurosport, the former defender found herself working in prime-time as a consultant for a major men’s competition meeting on France’s First Channel. had got. A historic breakthrough for a woman who became the first woman to comment on a match on TF1 during the Women’s World Cup two years ago.

“I would like it to be something common, associated with Julian Brun, who will be recruited by TF1 for Euros after his contract with Mediapro expires prematurely. A woman in the air should be common. If We are here today, it is because we are legit. I have my experience as a mentor and a player. I want to lead, but not just on television. It is also necessary to have more women in clubs or officials. There are a few, but it’s still scattered. It just hasn’t been seen as normal.”

TF1 is “aware of sending a strong signal”

In favor of TF1, we want to despise his presence, which has 39 selections in the French team, even though “we know to send a strong signal,” slips Chanel sporting director Julien Milreux. Took the expertise to the Women’s World Cup, I think she has a very practical way of commenting. Men’s or women’s football, it’s still football and the idea to take it for this competition just came naturally We are in the same argument as when we put our pair Grégoire Margotón-Bixant Lizarazu in the Women’s World Cup”.

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To settle her partnership with Julian Brun, who commented on some of their meetings while on the lawn, Sabrina Delanoy worked the blanks on Poland-Slovakia and Spain-Sweden. “I don’t change much in my way of working between TF1 and Eurosport,” explains the 35-year-old consultant. Maybe I go a little less technical with a more mainstream language. In any case, I always try to be philanthropic, explains the rest of the year as deputy director of the PSG Foundation. I put myself in the place of anyone who misses something or makes a mistake. “

From Wembley onwards, former Parisians would “maintain their natural tone, trying to bring to life the spirit of the moment”. Since announcing his appearance on the TF1 device, he has refused to see potentially abusive comments on the social network. “It doesn’t matter to me,” she slips. What is said there does not necessarily reflect what people really think. Let me be the judge once the match is over. Like any consultant.


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