Sam Heughan and Mark Lewis have a real relationship outside of Outlander

Sam Heughan and Mark Lewis have a real relationship outside of Outlander


Actors play Jamie Fraser and Thom Christie respectively foreigner Where they don’t have the best relationship. But how do they get along when the cameras are off? We tell you!

Mark Lewis and Sam Hughan© GettyMark Lewis and Sam Hughannoelia rios

the sixth season of foreigner It is already available for both streaming and TV in the United States and has caused quite a stir. The series based on the books by Diana Gabaldon has become a hit once again and continues to attract thousands of fans around the world. with Sam Hughana And Catriona Balfe returns as the protagonist once again, mixing more time travel, action, drama and brawl between Jamie and Claire.

on this occasion foreigner Shows how the people guiding everyone at Fraser Ridge go through one of the worst marital crises since Claire’s tragic ending in the fifth season. Also, as if that weren’t enough, the arrival of three new members on the hill where the most iconic family of the period series lives has made an impact. The Christies, a family of Thomas, Malva and Alan, are the new villains in this story, though perhaps in an unexpected way.

Not only this, with the addition of these new characters, three new actors have joined the cast. Christie’s is played by Jessica Reynolds as Malva, Alexander Vlahos as Allen and, of course, Mark Lewis as Thomas. Without a doubt, a trio that blends perfectly and leaves all fans foreigner Totally shocked. Also, it’s worth noting that the trio’s chemistry with Heughan and Balfe is completely puzzling.

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Sometimes, so many hours of filming means that the actors may know each other more than expected. Therefore, judging by what is seen on screen and the failed relationship between Thomas and Jamie, everyone wonders how the actors meet in real life. And the answer is simple: If there were no good relations between them, the great work they would have done would not have been possible. Moreover, it was Sam himself who showed that he got along perfectly with his partner.

, From Ardsmuir Prison to Fraser Hill. Let’s just say these two aren’t “best friends”. Mark Lewis as Thom Christie Just Amazing Hope You All See Where His Story Is GoingThe actor wrote this sentence on Instagram along with a photo gallery with his colleague. In them, the two are seen behind the scenes of the recording, but portrayed as their respective characters.

And with it, no doubt, Heughan clarifies that everything is going well between them, at least when the cameras go down., Moreover, the truth is that the Scottish artist has never experienced a scandal on the recording set and, apparently, gets along well with his peers. Indeed, more than one person already considers him their brother, as is the case with Caitriona Balfe.

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