Sam Heughan Wasn’t Nominated For An Emmy And He Reacted Like This

Sam Heughan Wasn't Nominated For An Emmy And He Reacted Like This

During the last years, Sam Hughan became one of the stars of the moment thanks to her lead role in foreign. It was the role of Jamie Fraser that took him to travel the world and was demanded by various productions to be a part of his work, which is why the Scottish actor today has a long life and, in fact, even He has also become a show host.

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe in Outlander. Photo: (Starz)

Together foreign, Sam Hughan And Caitriona Balfe has been successful in boosting tourism in Scotland because Diana Gabaldon’s novels on which the series is based are set in this country. Not only that, Starz Play, the platform behind the Strip, has another event with Graham McTavish as host where they both tour the most iconic Scottish Highlands.

And in the fictional drama in which he played the role of Owner Fraser, Heughan found great success men in kilt, the mini-series with which Scotland has become a favorite country of its fans. The adventure begins in January in which the artist, in addition to visiting the place where he was born, wears the distinctive clothes, such as the furnaces, which he used to wear. foreign.

However, beyond the fury of this artist-initiated virtual tour, it seems the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences didn’t expect to be able to nominate an Emmy Award. Yesterday, Tuesday 13 July, the list of nominees for the 73rd edition of these awards were known and both Sam and his productions were conspicuous by their absence.

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Therefore, Sam Hughan He didn’t hesitate to express himself via Twitter and offer an opinion on the emptiness left by La Academia. ” Men in Kilts may not have been recognized by the Emmys, but I’m so glad to hear fans love it.He wrote in one chapter, enclosing a gif of himself and McTavish, where he is seen pretending to be a celebration.

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