Sam Hugon’s movies and series to get his fill

Sam Hugon's movies and series to get his fill

If we were to select five serial actors who melted the whole world into one serial character, David Borienz in Buffet, Patrick Dempsey in Grey’s Anatomy, Ian Somerhalder in Vampire Diaries and the recent re-Jean Page La Chronicle Will join Bridgerton. Top of our list is Sam Hugan from Outlander.

Sam Hagen’s career

Sam Hugon was born on 30 April 1980 in Balmuclen, in the southwest of Scotland. For the anecdote, know that the actor’s parents were fans of Lord of the Rings and chose his maiden name in tribute to Sam Gamegi in favor of Frodo.

After high school, he joined the Glasgow Conservatory. When he graduates, he decides to come on the boards. With success, since he was nominated for the Lawrence Olivier Awards in 2003 for his performance in the drama Outlying Island for the most promising actor. The actor alternates between plays and small roles on television.

Known primarily to British audiences, this was when he played the role Jamie Fraser in Outlander In 2014 that his career really took off.

Movies with sam hugen

Sam Hugon Filmography in Cinema Is not very long. If you think so, then you can see it in a few evenings. Here is a non-complete selection of films with Sam Hugan that you might like.

Young alexander the great (2010). In Jalal Meri’s feature film, the actor played the young king of Macedonia. He shares the bill with The Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan. The film follows the historical figure’s youth.

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When the starlights end (2014). Adam Signal’s film is a dramatic comedy that follows the fate of a cynical torture between the love of his life and his passion. Sam Hugon responds to David Arquette (the policeman of the scream saga).

The detective who bothered me (2018). For his first leading role in an international blockbuster, Sam Hugon plays the role of a secret agent with a big heart: Sebastian. He shares the bill with Milan Kunis and Kate Mackinnon.

Gory (2020). This science fiction and action film features former military personnel who are genetically modified to become mercenary killers. Sam Hugon as a spider man with a metal hand, are you interested?

SAS: Red Notice (2020). Sam Hugon appears to be a subscriber to action roles. In this thriller, Sam Hugon plays the role of an agent trapped in a train, facing formidable terrorists. He responds to Ruby Rose and Andy Serkis.

Sam Hugan’s roles on television

Islands in war (2004). This is Sam Hugan’s first role. This historical short-series takes place during WWII and the German occupation of the Channel Islands. Sam Hugon plays the young and charming Philip Dore.

party animals (2007). Sam Hugon had a small role in this political series. He replies to Matt Smith.

The doctors (2009). This is the role that actually revealed Sam Hugon to the public. She plays Scott Nielsen in Soap Doctors. For this role, he also received the British Soap Award 2010 for Best Villain.

Once in Castlebury (2011). Yes, you are not dreaming, Sam Hughn played a modern-day prince charmingly in a Christmas TV movie. On the program: an unexpected encounter, twist and turn, and love.

Outlander (since 2014). When she auditioned for the role of Jamie Fraser in the adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s novels, Sam Hugan did not expect such success. He played the role of Dark Scott for seasons 5 and soon. And without or without a hitch, you can’t imagine anyone else in this role.

Men in kilns (2021). This time in The-Series, Sam is co-host of Men in Hugen Kits. With him Comedian Graham McTwish (Also seen in Outlander and Lucifer), it takes audiences on a journey through Scotland, its history, cultural heritage, landscape, traditions and people.


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