Sat.1 connects with green Formula 1 –

Sat.1 connects with green Formula 1

Sky Sport News has the latest transfers on deadline. In addition, ARD allows women to carry the microphone to the European Championships and World Cup finals and SWR encourages them to play in lockdown.

Transfer-Countdown Live Im Free-TV

Sky Sport News reported a massive full day in football on Monday from the last day of the winter transfer window ?? In Germany and England. Guests include Didi Hamann and Lothar Mathas, Karl-Heinz Rammenig, Freddie Bobik, Jens Lehmann, Dirk Duffner, Thomas Doll and Eric Stoffelshaus. «Deadline Day – Das Original» Also runs in the broadcaster’s free live stream on Skyportport and the Sky Sport app. The Bundesliga clubs still have time until 6:00 in the evening for a last-minute transfer for the second half of the season and release to a player from another club. Since the transfer window on the island does not close until midnight German time, the evening show’s focus is on the English League. For the countdown of the transfer deadline, Didi Haman and Jens Lehmann will accompany and then review the final events in Germany before the closing of the transfer window at approximately 5:50 p.m.

Sat.1 denotes green Formula 1

For the first time in its seventh season, Sat.1 is showing the race for the Formula E electric racing series and exclusively on free TV. It all starts at 5 pm on Saturday, 27 February, when the FIA ​​World Championship concludes with a one-night run under the Floodlights in Saudi Arabia. The race track near Riyadh is illuminated with LED. For this, electricity comes from renewable energy. Proven motorsport moderators Duo Andrea Kaiser (38) and Matthias Killing (41) as well as commentator Eddie Mileke (58) speak to the drivers and provide special insights into Formula E. On February 26, Friday, ProSeban MaxX will be broadcast as an exception. First race of the season from 5.30 pm. Following the postponement of the Formula E debut in Chile, originally planned for January 16, it is the only race that takes place on Friday and is therefore not shown on Sat.1.

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Women (football) power

As WDR reports, the football finals at the European Championships in summer 2021 and the World Championships in winter in 2022 in Qatar will be commented by reporters on ARD Radio for the first time. The purpose of these decisions is to continue ARD’s desire to promote women in sports journalism. This is a decision of the directors of radio stations. ARD’s sports radio directors have nominated Julia Metzner from SWR as a reporter for the finals of the European Football Championship. Long-time sports radio boss Sabine Topperwin said of her retirement recently that she did not think she would see a woman commentating in the World Cup final. well yes.

First, highlight the late tennis

Akash will telecast the ATP Cup from Melbourne from Monday to Saturday. This is the first tennis highlight of the year, delayed this year: a team competition in Australia. The Sky Conference features all matches from German and Austrian teams, as well as other matches in the group stage, totaling over 60 live. On Tuesday through Wednesday nights, Germany start at 11.30 am against Canada. The game against Serbia is one day later. Nominees are Alexander Zverev and Jan-Lenard Struff as well as duets Kevin Kreitz and Andreas Mies.

Thanks for the lockdown game Southwest Broadcasting

SWR has practice programs at home and is shown on the internet at to show how you can stay fit with hip-hop or yoga, for example. In lockdown, home office games can make sense in this way if it is no longer possible outside, at least in groups or in a fitness studio. “Inform Sport SWR” with Fernanda Brandao on YouTube is “Fit with SWR Sport” for beginners and fitness tips for kids and teens. Dance enthusiasts should like “Fit for the dance floor with SWR Sport”. And SWR has more
In the television program.

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Joy Plus + with lots of games

Joy Plus +, media groups’ streaming platform ProSiebenSat.1 Media and Discovery, now has menu items – Sporting ?? The first external pay TV channels Sport1 + and eSPORTS1 were integrated for the new live sports content. On-demand content from Sport1, Sport1 + and eSPORTS1 follows Joy. Joyan GmbH is thus expanding on demand for its TV channels, series, documentaries and films, media library and sports content. Sport1 + shows, for example, ice hockey games from the North American NHL, international volleyball matches or football from the second largest league in France, Scotland or England. eSPORTS1 reports on several of the most well-known eSports titles.

The next few days the game highlights:

* Monday, 7 am.: ATP Tournament from Melbourne (Tennis, Eurosport)
* Monday, 6.15pm.: Schweninger Wild Wings Augsburger Panther (Ice Hockey, DEL, Magenta TV)
* Monday, 7.45 pm.: Hallascher FC 1. FC Saarbrücken (Football 3rd League, Magenta TV)
* Monday, 8 pm. Hannover 96 VFL Osnabruck (Soccer 2 Bundesliga, Sky Sport)
* Monday, d.15 at night. Düsseldorfer EG Krefeld Pingine (Ice Hockey, DEL, Magenta TV)
* Tuesday, 1 pm. WTA Melbourne Summer Series (Tennis, DAZN)
* Tuesday, 2 pm.: WWE RAW (Wrestling, DAZN)
* Tuesday, 2.30pm.: Dallas Mavericks Phoenix Suns (Basketball NBA, DAZN)
* Tuesday, 7.15pm.: Kloner Hai Grizzels Wolfsburg (Ice Hockey, DEL, Magenta TV)
* Tuesday, 7.45pm.: Ratifaram Ulm Frapt Skyliners (Basketball Bundesliga, Magenta TV)
* Tuesday, 8.15 pm (BG Gottingen Alba Berlin (Basketball Bundesliga, Magenta TV)
* Tuesday, 8.15pm.: Borussia Dortmund – SC Paderborn 07 (Football, DFB-Pokal, ARD)
* Tuesday, 8:35 pm.: Warder Bremen – Spag Gregor Firth (Football, DFB-Pokal, Sky Sport)
* Wednesday, 3.30 pm. Tour of Valencia (Cycle Race, First Stage, Eurosport)
* Wednesday, 6.30pm.: VFL Wolfsburg – FC Schalke 04 (Football DFB Cup, Sport 1)
* Wednesday, 8.30 pm. s. Oliver Wurzburg – FC Bayern Munich (basketball, Bundesliga, Sport 1)
* Wednesday, utt.45pm.: VFB Stuttgart – Borussia Mönchengladbach (Soccer, DFB-Pokal, ARD)
* Thursday, 7.45 pm: World Men’s Tour (Snooker, Eurosport)
* Friday, 11.15 am: World Cup in Garmisk-Partenkirchen (Alpine Skiing, Super G, Men, JDF)
* Friday, 12.35 pm.: World Cup Altenberg (Bobsley, Two-Man, Female, ZDF)
* Friday, 7.15pm: VFL Wolfsburg – Turbine Potsdam (Football, Bundesliga, Women, Eurosport)
* Saturday, 11.25 am.: World Cup at Garmiske-Partenkirchen (Alpine skiing, downhill, men, ZDF)
* Saturday, 12.55 pm: World Cup (Ski Jumping, Women, ZDF) at Heinzenbach
* Saturday, 4:25 pm.: SSC Chevrin – VC Wiesbaden (Volleyball, Bundesliga, Women’s, Sport 1)
* Sunday, 12:05 pm: World Cup at St. Moritz (Tobogning, Women, ZDF)
* Sunday, 3 pm. EWE Basquests Oldenburg – MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg (Basketball, Bundesliga, Men’s, Sport 1)
* Sunday, 5 pm.: Schweninger Wild Wings – Augsburg Panther (Ice Hockey, DEL, Sport 1)
* Sunday, 10:40 pm.: Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Kansas City Chiefs (American Football, Super Bowl, ProSeben)

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