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“Mendor” is a French psychological cracker whose concept comes across as a mixture of the difficult science fiction cult “Cube”, the claustrophobia thriller “Burial” and the popular torture horror series “Saw”. Here’s the trailer:

In “Mandier” a young woman (Gaia Weiss) wakes up in a long tube without knowing how she can get there. On her wrist, she wears a strangely lumped built-in countdown watch that mercilessly counts.

The protagonist quickly realizes that she is sitting in a deadly trap that will swoop to zero if she does not move forward and starts the countdown again. But what (or who?) Awaits you in the next tube segment? And at some point there will be an exit? Or will it inevitably find its bloody end in this ominous, coffin-like tunnel structure?

“Mendier” ran successfully at various international genre festivals such as the famous Sitges Film Festival in Catalonia or at the Monsters Fest in Australia. On 16 June 2021, the film is set to hit theaters in its home country France. It is still unclear when and how we can see “menders” in Germany.

“Hostile” director’s new film

Mathiu Turi is responsible for staging and scripting the repressive, intense and very claustrophobic thriller in the trailer. The director, who was born in Cannes, was already able to garner considerable attention among horror fanatics with his debut film, Pandemic Horror “Hostile”. Before he would sit on the executive chair himself, Turi worked for years as an assistant director on major titles such as Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglouri Bustards”, Clint Eastwood’s “After” or “Lucy” Luke Besson.

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For the lead role of his second feature film, Turi chose his compatriot Gaia Weiss from the global hit series “Vikings”. In cinema so far, Weiss has appeared in “Overdrive”, “Mary – Queen of Scotland” and more recently in the Judy Garland biopic “Judy”. Weiss’s Finnish “Vikings” collaborator Peter Franzen (“The Gunman”, “Priest of Evil”) takes another part in the cast. Its presence can be gauged so far in the trailer.

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