Scotland and England agree to a union – SWR2

Scotland and England agree to a union - SWR2

In SWR2 Prof. Computer games are “excellent ways to achieve the learning goals we want to achieve in school,” says Jan Boelman. He is the head of the didactic computer game research center at the Freiburg University of Education. “When playing computer games, you have to do something yourself,” Bolman says. “Here we have experiences, we also experience compulsions, for example we walk in the footsteps of some other figure. This is very durable learning, unlike when we just get things, read a lesson ourselves. There are theoretically many possibilities for the so-called “simplification” of school lessons. For example, you can go to ancient Egypt already in games or find out on the borders of an authoritarian state that life and organs as a refugee Such potential experiences currently fail in school operations for less didactic and more practical reasons, for example because schools are poorly equipped. At Gamescom’s convention, For Digital Game Culture One of the themes of Digital Learning today, Europe’s most important trade fair, begins today, with a focus on how computer games can enrich everyday school life.

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