Scotland back to normal control

Scotland back to normal control

Faced with a boom in Kovid-19 cases across the nation, as the new version of the virus spreads across Britain, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has decided to take action similar to the stricter sanctions imposed in March 2020.

“L” LThe pods returned to full control “, Soberly Report Herald, Monday 4 January Facing a huge increase in the number of infections (1,905 cases reported in the last twenty-four hours), the United Kingdom’s constituent nation is completely barred for the second time since the onset of the Kovid-19 pandemic. And from midnight on 4 January this Monday.

In concrete terms, around 5 million residents are placed at alert level 4 (the highest), meaning that all will be directed to stay home, with the exception of the islands around Scotland. “They can only legally go out for physical exercise, to stock up and, if they are important workers to work with,”, Specifies Glasgow daily.

Schools closed by end of january

Schools will remain closed for the duration of the school closure, which is set for the last four weeks, added Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon in front of the local parliament. “It is as it was last March”, He explained. As far as social relations are concerned, only two people from two different houses will have the right to meet from outside. “I know the next few weeks will be incredibly difficult”, Accepted leader from the Scottish National Party (Independence).

In addition to Scotland, Wales has already re-limited before 20 December, while British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is scheduled to speak at 8 am on Monday and announce new sanctions, presumably, new national involvement in England (each of the four constituent countries One of) the United Kingdom has its own privileges in matters of health policy).

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Despite a number of local restrictions, the number of new cases (54,990 for 75,024 deaths on Sunday) is increasing at an alarming rate in the UK, due to a new, more contagious strain.

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Set in Glasgow in 1783, the Herald is close to Labor, unlike its legendary Edinburgh rival, The Scotsman. In 1999, The Herald supported the demand for a Scottish Autonomous Parliament. One of the following


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