Scotland: haunted village with haunted and private beach 145,000 euros

Old Lawyer in Schottland
A 17th-century seer is haunted here: the ruins of a village with a private beach can be bought for 145,000 euros

The ruins of the Loire in Perthshire, Scotland. The spirit of a successful seer and the destroyed village including the surrounding area are available for the equivalent of about 145,000 euros.

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Ghosts Involved: An old, ruined village in Scotland is for sale that is said to be haunted by a woman. The seer reportedly predicted the creation of trains and steamships 350 years ago.

This property is more for the intrepid: the remains of the village of the Old Lords on the shores of Lake Loch Tai in Scotland are to be sold. If you want to own a destroyed 17th-century settlement, including the surrounding area, you’ll have to shell out £125,000, which is roughly the equivalent of 145,000 euros – and expect to be haunted by a woman who Has been dead from time to time for a long time.

According to legend, the area at the foot of the Scottish Highlands is home to the spirit of a successful seer. The Lady, titled Lady of the Lawyers, was the last occupant of the House of Lawyers in the late 17th century, the ruins of which can still be seen today, as well as the Old Lord’s Church, a mill and a kiln, built in 1669.

The Lady of Lords is said to have foretold trains and steamships

The Lady of Lawyers is remembered for various prophecies, some of which seem to have come true, Goldcrest Land and Forestry Group writesLawyers are selling in their sales brochures. The seer is said to have spoken of a “fire carriage” that would cross the Drum Jung Pass in the central Scottish Highlands and thus foretold the arrival of the railroad, which actually operates there today.

The woman may also have foreseen the construction of the steamship: “A ship that is powered by smoke will sink at Loch Tai with great loss of life,” according to legend, which she predicted more than 350 years ago. .

At the northern end of the Old Lawyers Church, the woman is said to have planted an ash tree and said that the church would collapse when the tree rose to the height of the small church tower. In fact, when the time came, the church was so badly damaged in a typhoon that it was never used again.

And the rest of the village also went downhill. When land tenants were driven out due to the rise of sheep farming in the Highlands in the 17th century, many residents of the Old Lords also had to leave their homes – a development that the seer also declared: “Sheep The skull will ruin the plow”, it is said that he predicted.

And so, according to the 1841 census, there were only 17 people living in the village at that time, as Goldcrest reports. In 1891 only seven remained, and in 1926 the Lawyers were finally abandoned altogether. The settlement of the same name is now on the main road.

Picturesque location with a private beach: Old Lords area on the north bank of Loch Tay

Picturesque location with a private beach: Old Lords area on the north bank of Loch Tay

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The Old Lords area covers over three acres and is “a well-preserved example of an abandoned settlement”, as Historic Environment Scotland calls it. And those who aren’t distracted by the Haunted Woman get some nice additions on top of it: According to Goldcrest’s proposal, the “a picturesque location” area also includes a private beach, fishing rights, and a grassy area. “With possible plan options”.

hilarious: Goldcrest Land and Forestry Group, dpa


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