Scotland is the first country in the world to make vintage goods free

L'Écosse Est Le Premier Pays Au Monde à Rendre Les

25 November 2020, 13:28

Scotland is officially the first country in the world to offer free vintage goods. picture:

Scotland MSP activist Monica Lennon thanks to period products will be free in public buildings in Scotland.

Scotland officially became the first country in the world to provide free vintage goods after a four-year campaign.

The Vintage Goods (Free Supply) (Scotland) bill, passed on Tuesday 24 November after a unanimous vote in the Scottish Parliament, makes it a legal right to provide tampons and free access to sanitary napkins in public buildings.

Scottish Labor MSP Monica Lennon introduced the bill and has been working to eradicate chronic poverty since being elected to Holyrode in 2016. Talking to the Guardian about the new bill, he said: “It will bring a huge change in the lives of women and girls and all those who have their own periods. There has already been great progress at the community level and local authorities To give everyone the chance of their term. Rules with dignity.

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Marque You by Kotex

“There has been a massive change in the way we discuss rules in public life. A few years ago there was no open discussion about menstruation in Holyrood’s room and it is common now. PSM enjoyed being a part of it, and it covers menopause, endometriosis, as well as the types of products we use and their durability. ”

Sadly, period poverty has affected Britain since the onset of the coronovirus epidemic. The Bloody Good period-era charity has provided 53,000 items to food banks and shelters since the epidemic began in March – about six times more than before.

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A survey by Voucher Codes Pro found that UK women spend an average of € 13 per month on menstrual products and up to € 18,450 over their lifetimes.

How to get free sanitary products in Scotland

Under the new law, schools, colleges and universities will be required to provide free vintage products in their washrooms. It will not be tested and will be available to anyone in need of the products. The Scottish Government will also have the power to arrange for other public spaces, which can provide period products for free. Many businesses, such as restaurants and pubs, have also started providing free products independently.


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