Scotland joins Italy in six-nation tournament

Scotland joins Italy in six-nation tournament

Matches: 52-10

The score is heavy, but it can be misleading. Certainly, the Scots were not completely overbearing at this meeting, which may seem unilateral. Clearly, Italy were unlikely to be an opponent to put the Caledonian in trouble, but they opened the scoring in the 6th minute with a try from Bigby (6th) which was replaced by Garbisi. Before Scotland get into their match.

By the half-hour mark, the Italians managed to nearly level the playing field with Scotland, led by only 17–10, but already tried for one of the three. But when Monty Iyen made a huge disruptive bout, saving his camp and his team in a strong opponent’s time, the Caledonians retaliated and scored in their 22 meters, scoring numerical superiority (against Mori in the 20th Yellow) by their center Jones (29th), a brilliant fourth test by break test (24-10).

From that moment on, the Italians, too undisciplined (yellow cards against Negri in 52nd and Ioane in 61st), were transfected, overwhelmed and to be honest outclasses, even evolving into thirteen for a minute , Unpublished Scottish winger van der Merwe narrowly missing the seventh try (62nd). However, the next opponent of France’s fifteenth Friday, Friday 26 March, was not irresistible: he took advantage of the skil for half an hour, due to his numerical superiorities.

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It is the first and only Scottish win for Murrayfield in this 2021 tournament, after defeats against Wales (24–25) and Ireland (24–27).

Player: Duhan van der Merwe is gaining momentum

Ball in Hand, Edinburgh’s left wing of South African descent was disastrous. After scoring the second of eight Scottish tries in the 14th minute, Duhan van der Merwe was impressive in raising the Italian defense over Hoove Jones (29th), and especially in the 32nd. He scored twice in the 71st, finishing the eighty meter block and could win the “Hat Trick” in the 62nd but was returned in goal to the Italian.


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