Scotland | Prime Minister wants an independence referendum in 2021

  Scotland |  Prime Minister wants an independence referendum in 2021

(Glasgow) Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said on Monday that she quickly wanted to hold a second referendum on the independence of this British province if her party won the local elections next May.

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At the Scottish Independence Party (SNP) annual conference, the leader said, “Next May, we will ask the Scottish people to trust us to build a better country.” “I will not ask for your approval and no one else to hold a referendum on independence as soon as possible after the formation of the new parliament.”

The desire for independence is coming into force in Scotland, with a view towards the post-Brexit end and much criticism by London over the management of the new coronovirus epidemic, putting the SNP in a position to score several goals in May. Seats in the decentralized parliament of the Holy Parliament.

In 2014 a referendum had already been held and Scots voted 55% to remain in Britain. Since then, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson refused to allow Scotland to hold a new vote, arguing that it was a vote that took place “once in a generation”.

But Nicola Sturgeon argued that Brexit was a game-changer for Scott, who voted heavily in 2016 against leaving the European Union.

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Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

Officially implemented on 31 January, Brexit will become a reality on 1is January, at the end of the transition period. As the deadline expires, London and Brussels still struggle to conclude a free trade agreement.

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“In a month, we will be facing a tough Brexit, whether with a ‘no deal’ or a bad ‘deal’,” warned Nicola Sturgeon, who was “serious short-term damage” and “even more in the long run.” Warns of “more damage”. Daud “.

“Freedom after COVID is not going to distract us from reconstruction”, he said, on the contrary “it is necessary to get it”.

“The question you need to ask yourself is, who do you trust to rebuild our economy, the Scottish government you chose or Boris Johnson’s Brexit gang?” He declared

In early October, a poll conducted by Ipsos Mori credited the leader with “very strong” public support, 72% satisfied with managing the epidemic.


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