Scotland shatters dreams of France’s XV – 6 nations

The Blues finished second in the tournament at St-Denis, in Beit, in Scotland (23-27) this Friday.

Special Envoy for Stade Day France

Chassis for the Dregs … If they led 18-10 and had long believed in the possibility of a coronation during this meeting, the Blues finally scored against Scotland on Friday, 23-27 at Stade de France Bowed down. Already the author of the first attempt of the meeting, Duhan van der Merwe leveled the goal in the tricolor in the final seconds, giving Scotland his first breakthrough in France for 22 seconds. Cruel to France’s XV, which was undoubtedly at heart to win this match, failed to remove the title … Wales therefore wins the Six Nations tournament 2021. 13th coronation for Welsh, second in the last three competitions. The Blues, who had been aiming for a maiden title since 2010, finished second, ahead of their Scottish executioners, like last year.

In second place are customers of Les Blues de Galthey

Still missed. Last year, France’s XV finished second in goal average by England. Earlier, in December, Twinkham’s bending over the meadow and sudden death during the final of the Autumn’s Nations Cup, was still before Rose’s XV. This time, it is Wales who steals first place from the Blues. To pass the Red Devils, Charles Olivan and his teammates had to dominate Scotland, winning by a margin of 21 points. But, on Friday evening, in the wind and rain that sprayed the Stade de France, they never managed to widen the trench. Within the limits of defeat by the end of the match. And the worst came to a halt in the 85th minute, when South Africa-born Gaulgoth winger Duhan van der Merwe scored his second try of the evening. To offer Scotland their first win since 1999 at the Stade de France. The Blues will eventually have to wait another year to wait for another tournament that has ruled them out of 2010.

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A French XV also panics

Complicated to keep the thoughts in order, peace in gestures when you have to score a lot and defend well. This tender team from France (aged 26 and on average 23 selections) still lacks collective, collective mastery, even leaders, to achieve a replay without a fake note. A scuffle, which, for example, gives Baptist Serine a yellow card that Antoine DuPont (73rd) barely gets to play in the relay. In the game, the Blues are also to blame for too many ball defeats. And, while it was necessary to be skilled and surgical in the attack, they left many testing opportunities along the way. Too much waste for an impossibly perfect match.

The scots didn’t let go

He said so during the week. It is “drunk” to hear him target posted by XV of France. As if they were going to convince the four to accept a big shock without flinching. A matter of pride. Still regarded as a small team, they have shown real progress since 2015. Proof, in terms of success at the Stade de France, they could expect to finish second in the tournament. So he batted all the balls, pushed into the attack to try to win in Paris after successive tournament openings, at the opening of the tournament (for the first time since 1983). Never defeated, the Caledonians responded in quick succession. Scoring a try (Lucky) by Cherry allows him to get back in front of the score (18-20, 60th). Despite Rebadze’s (23-20, 65th) reply, he never gave up. To impose oneself on the wire.

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The pack, however, had returned the forward march

Stake pressure, of course. Still, the Blues missed their first twenty minutes in great breadth. Hand errors in spades. And a test was cashed in the 14th minute by a Scottish forward after a long session and go-op. In the 18th minute, XV du Chardon led 10 to 3 and France’s XV looked permanently entangled in their uncertainties. The beginning will begin with the tricolor scam. In the 22nd minute, in a nice collective effort, the Pack won the clash. The French will now protest in half of the field. Unfortunately, leaving many obvious opportunities in the works. But Olivan and his next insist, demanding a bribe on almost every fine. Behind one of them, the ball goes to Damien Penaud, who escapes with two defenders before serving Bryce Dulin. Exam. France are finally (13–10, 36th) behind in front of the score. And Scotland’s captain, Stuart Hogg, finds himself in numerical superiority after being yellowed too many cards for one mistake. On the restart, a test by Damien Penaud after a long relay started by Bryce Dulin in the 22 French meters gave hope for a happy result (18–10, 46th). not long.


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