Scottish Freedom Movement undermined by internal matter –

Scottish Freedom Movement undermined by internal matter -

Accusing him of sexual harassment allegations against his predecessor, Scottish Freedom First Minister Nicola Sturgeon defended himself in front of MPs on Wednesday. The case could weigh in for the elections to be held next May.

It all started with allegations against Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Alex Salmond. Deported from justice in 2020, the latter stated that he was the victim of a political conspiracy (Read) Belongs to.

The former independence leader was heard about the investigation by the Parliamentary Commission last Friday. He accused the government of deliberately withholding embarrassing documents and ignoring the advice of legal advisors, so that they could not win.

The allegations were considered “absurd”

The Scottish Parliament is now investigating how the government initially handled these sexual harassment complaints and is trying to determine if Nicola Sturgeon interfered with the investigation or lied to Parliament, as Alex Salmond Has claimed

On Wednesday, the current Prime Minister was supposed to answer questions from deputies. Nicola Sturgeon confided that she believed to act “correctly” and refused to mislead the Scottish Parliament on the date she was notified of the allegations against Alex Salmond.

Calling her “sorrow” for finding herself before this commission, she considered the conspiracy charges against her master “absurd”. “Alex Salmond is one of the people closest to me, who I have lived all my life, I never wanted to bring him down,” he assured, the former leader was the one who “20”, “worshiped”.

Danger of weakening the party

Supported by his camp, the popular leader is asked to resign by the opposition. The Scottish Conservatives responded to Twitter accusing Nicolo Sturgeon of falsehood and avoided almost every difficult question. “She completely misses the details that he explains to her, then completely forgets everything that bothers her”. They will hand over a vote of no-confidence to the local parliament, where the SNP does not have an absolute majority.

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These fights fall badly for the SNP, which condemns the weakening of the maneuvers ahead of the May 6 local elections. Reinforced by Brexit (it was heavily opposed by the Scots) and heavily criticized by London’s handling of the epidemic, he wants to rely on electoral victory for Scotland to achieve the organization of a new self-judging referendum.

Until recently, all surveys showed an absolute majority for the party. The fall of a weak, even very popular Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland, would be a very difficult blow to the movement.

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