Scottish government offers £50,000 to live on the island

Scottish government offers £50,000 to live on the island
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Scotland wants to give 60,000 euros – you just have to go to these islands

Scottish government offers £50,000 to live on the island

Only 80 people live in the Scottish island town of Fionfort.

Source: Getty Images/Pierre Longnas

For many people, life on a small isolated island is a lifelong dream. Nevertheless, the Scottish North Sea islands are reeling from a decline in population. This should change now.

DYou are young, just started a family and looking for a new center of life? Then the Scottish Government may have just the thing for you. With a million dollar economic stimulus program that the British are part of”national island plan“What, Parliament in Edinburgh wants to ensure that more people are attracted to the already uninhabited Scottish islands in the Atlantic and North Sea.

There are many reasons to live there: poor infrastructure, harsh climate, cold winters. But around £50,000, which equates to around 58,687 euros, should reassure. This is the amount that the first 100 people under the age of 30 or those drawn to one of the selected Scottish Isles must receive. The region is also in dire need of financial injections, with a total of five million British pounds: the island’s inhabitants are getting older and older. Many people prefer to visit Scottish cities such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee or even the British capital London.

Before we tell you which islands you can visit, it’s your turn now:

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Living conditions on the Scottish islands are tough

Those who wish to relocate who wish to benefit from the island bonus must declare their new main residence in one of the following districts and their islands and be their principal residence, i.e., also work there, e.g. For: Argyll, Aran, Bute, Great Cumbre, Outer Hebrides with islands Lewis and Harris as well as Ust and Barra, Orkney Islands, Shetland Islands or Isle of Skye and neighboring smaller islands. With the help of funding, new islanders should be able to make their start in their new home a little more pleasant like the British. BBC informed of.

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There are over 90 inhabited islands around Scotland. Some residents now fear that there will be a competition between island communities to see who can attract more new residents, as Ian Stephen Morrison, a journalist for the Western Isles News newspaper and online magazine Am Pierre, told the BBC. . In his opinion, a total of £5 million could have been better invested. For example in the expansion of infrastructure, which will make the islands more attractive to many Scots in the long term:

There is no dearth of people wanting to visit the islands. What is lacking is opportunity – be it housing or a job.

Scottish Parliament will now discuss island plans until October 24, 2021

Scottish government offers £50,000 to live on the island

Spectacular northern lights on the island of Uist, part of the Outer Hebrides.

Quayle: Getty Images/Oliver Smalley/Oli Smalley Photography

Kevin Morrison’s example shows that some Scots may well imagine living on one of the fairy islands in the Atlantic or North Sea, but the odds are great. According to a BBC report, he moved from Glasgow to Ust on Scotland’s west coast five years ago – and could use the equivalent of around 60,000 euros to start his new life on the island.

It certainly would have been practical at the time. The main issues for island communities are transportation to and from the islands and housing.

At that point, you would have risked everything: his wife, who hails from Ust, and he would have left his secure full-time job in Glasgow and exchanged life on the island. After that, in 2016, Morrison only had a part-time job in Southern Ust, and finding an apartment was difficult, as he explains: “We were just lucky.”

Scottish government offers £50,000 to live on the island

A Shetland pony grazes on the islands of the same name.

Source: Getty Images/Paul J Davis

From the coming year, others who, like Morrison and his wife, decide to move to one of the Scottish islands, should have a little more financial security. The Scottish Parliament is to vote on whether the plan for the so-called “National Islands Bonds” will actually be implemented by 24 October. During this time all Scots can also give their opinion on the plans. Online Announcement.

Cash injection is not a master plan for the Scottish islands

Scottish government offers £50,000 to live on the island

The Isle of Mull belongs to the low-population area of ​​Argyll.

Quayle: Getty Images/

By 2025, Edinburgh politicians want to do everything in their power to further strengthen the Gaelic culture of the partly remote regions. There are currently about 130 people living on Argyll Island, of whom only 30 are under the age of 50. Currently only four children attend the island’s primary school. Such an alarming number.

In order to avoid a further decline in population, improvements have to be made to the expansion of sustainable energy and local public transport on the islands, in addition to personal financial support for newcomers. Projects promoting mental health are also to be supported.

Not to mention the harsh climate in the far north: the Scottish islands promise unprecedented landscapes and are a popular travel destination. Maybe they’ll be something for your next vacation too?

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