Scottish researcher sails in search of lost tartan

Scottish researcher sails in search of lost tartan

Peter Eslia Macdonald There is a passion for hand-woven plaid fabrics, and they believe that pieces of tartan brought to the Maritimes by settlers can tell a lot about a nearly forgotten part of their country’s history.

, I hope to find clothes assembled with lost techniques now in Scotland. ,

, a quote from Peter Eslia Macdonald, historian

Historians, who have been studying tartan for 40 years, believe there are still important pieces to be discovered.

What he wants to find on the top are pieces of government tartan black Watch,

I have calculated that before about 1780 about 14 miles of this tartan were woven for the army, most of which saw service in North American campaigns. And it is not known whether a single fragment survived before about 1795, so it is actually the Holy Grail.

He organizes events where he invites people to bring their discoveries.

tissue Extraordinary Antigonish. is found in

it’s been 30 years Peter McDonald Nova Scotia did not come.

The last time they found a blanket in Antigonish was made using a forgotten Scottish technique.

I was on my way to a special piece of plaid blanketHe says. I traced it back to a family and the way it was woven was extraordinary.

The researcher says that his passion for tartan comes from his father, who worked as an anthropologist specializing in the history of the Scottish Highlands.

Peter Eslia Macdonald has been fond of Scottish tartan from a very young age.

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Peter Eslia Macdonald Tells how the pattern attracted him even at a very young age.

And she soon learned to hand-knit the age-old pattern. He recreated the famous set moy hall who would have been taken by Bonnie Prince CharlieOne of the most romantic figures in European history.

This type of technology particularly interests me. But I also want to understand how these technologies were transmitted, because we don’t know.

Find your wardrobe and attic

Researchers do not believe that the Antigonish blanket is the only old piece of cloth hidden in the Maritimes.

It may very well be that people don’t realize the importance of some of the things they haveHe accepted.

During my visit to Canada, Peter Eslia Macdonald The Highlands Village Museum in Iona, Nova Scotia is a must-visit, then it will be Saturday at the Antigonish Heritage Museum.

They concluded their visit with a visit to the village of Glendale in Tracaddy, Prince Edward Island, on Sunday and Monday during the community’s 250th anniversary celebrations.

with information from erin potty of CBC

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