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L’Écossais, l’histoire d’une rencontre

Scottish, the story of a meeting.

On Friday evening, December 10, at the media library, Pierre Prisume offered to read his new book
: “An Imagination While Living in the Potential”.

It is the story of a meeting between a man, Robert-Louis Stevenson, and the residents of a village. Between a man and a field, a meeting that influenced the destiny of the village of Monastier-sur-Gazelle and the whole area was traversed by Stevenson in 1878 to reach Alsace via Vale, Gevadon and Cévennes.

“You have to put yourself in context,” says Pierre Prisume, “before his visit, a 4-week stay in Monastiere in mid-August 1878. He boarded the Morel Hotel (the building still stands, the current pharmacy). He is not known at all. His adventure novel
treasure Island
, would bring him his fame four years later.

During his stay, he followed in the footsteps of the writer George Sand, visiting the villages of Ambiente, Mazenc, Lausanne, Lantriac.

“He is an extraordinary writer named Pierre Prisumi, this man interested in people in spoken languages.”

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