Scottish teens win battle for women

Scottish teens win battle for women

In Scotland, Parliament passed a law that allows free access to sanitary protection to all women. This world first became possible thanks to the commitment of four high school girls.

For some women on a very low budget, buying sanitary protection when menstruating is too complicated. This is called time poverty. This condition, which affects many women around the world, is a source of discomfort. It also prevents some girls from going to school or some women from working. In Africa, one in ten teenage girls does not attend school during her period. And these difficulties do not concern only the poorest countries. In France, according to the Association Rules Elementary, 1.7 million women have difficulty paying for their sanitary protection each month.

free sanitation protection in scotland

Concerned about the incident, four Scottish high school girls, Elle-Rose Fotheringham, Meredith Rae, Tilly O’Donnell and Abby Reid, begin a fight against menstrual poverty. They went to schools to talk about it, met with elected officials and organized a rally in front of the Scottish Parliament to demand free sanitation protection. And they won! On 24 November, the Scottish Parliament finally passed a law that guarantees all women free access to sanitary pads and tampons.

Directly, distributors of free period protection will be installed in all schools and some public places in Scotland. And women who need it will be able to get it free of charge upon request. Curriculum is also being run in schools to break the taboo of rules. A taboo that, for example, prevents many girls from seeking help from adults in their college when they need pads or tampons.

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The taboo of periods, we are talking about it in the next special issue of GEO Ado “What is it to be a girl? ,


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